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Empties ♥ July

Empties July 01

Heyhey everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I have another empties blogpost for you. I hope you enjoy!

Let’s dive right into it!

Empties July 02

  • Yves Rocher Shower Gel Mango & Coriander -> Love the scent of this shower gel, but it’s kind of expensive. Repurchase? Probably not.
  • Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist Passion Struck -> Love this smell! It is perfect for using in the summer. It is a super sweet and soft scent. If you want to see all the fragrance mists I own, read this blogpost: My Victoria’s Secret collection ♥. Repurchase? No, because I own a lot more of these mists.

Empties July 03

  • Andrélon Volume Dry Shampoo -> Mmmmh, not a fan of this dry shampoo. It doesn’t do much for my hair. Repurchase? No.
  • L’Oréal Paris Elnett de Luxe hairspray -> Love this hairspray! When I spray it on my hair, it stays in place all day. Without being too strong! Repurchase? Definitely!
  • Schwarzkopf Taft Dry Shampoo -> Oh I do love this dry shampoo. It makes my hair looks less greasy and oily. It also gives a lot of volume! Oh, and it was super cheap! Repurchase? Yes!

Empties July 04

  • Nivea Softening Tonic Water -> This is a tonic for cleansing your skin and also for cleansing it from makeup. I’m not a fan of this. I love the micellair water more. It definitely makes my skin look better. Repurchase? No.
  • Demakup Original Wattpads -> Just nice and cheap wattpads. You can’t go wrong with that! Repurchase? Yes. 

So these were my empties of the month July. It was a bit delayed, but I still hope you liked it! Have you ever tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments. Have a great week!

Much love, Anne ♥



20 thoughts on “Empties ♥ July

  1. I have tried that L’Oréal hairspray, and I love it! I definitely does stay in place all day. I need to repurchase it once I run out of my current hairspray xx

  2. I love the VS body mist. I’m always the same, I always have a stock of a few, never just one. Especially because its normally on a 3for 2 offer or something it makes sense to buy a few, so when you’re done with one there’s no need to buy another one. I love how you finished each ‘review’ off with whether you’d repurchase or not. Fab idea x

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