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Recap Italy Holiday #1 ♥ Milan

Recap Italy Milan 32

Hi everyone, at the beginning of August we went to Italy for a couple of weeks. In this blogpost, and a couple of upcoming blogpost, I’ll recap the trip for you. I hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed my trip!


My mom and I went to Italy together by plane. We flew from Düsseldorf Airport to Milan Linate Airport. I was super afraid to fly. That’s why I didn’t enjoy the flight itself. I did make a couple of beautiful pictures though.

Recap Italy Milan 03

Our airplane!

Recap Italy Milan 01.jpgRecap Italy Milan 02.jpg

We flew almost the whole time above the clouds. So I couldn’t actually tell where we were. The flight was 1 hour and 20 minutes long. It was around 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit) in Milan when we arrived . Too hot, haha!

We took a bus, a metro and we walked for a while, but we finally reached the hotel after more than an hour in the heat! We chilled for a while and after that we went outside to get diner. We ate sushi and it was delicious!

Recap Italy Milan 04Recap Italy Milan 05Recap Italy Milan 06

This was sooooo delicious! I’m getting so hungry now while typing this!


On Wednesday, we went shopping. It was still super hot, but that didn’t stop us from shopping. All the stores had airconditioning so we went from store to store! After a while, we got tired and we went to a café for something to drink!

Recap Italy Milan 07

And more drinks…. Shopping & the hot weather made us thirsty!

Recap Italy Milan 08

One of the highlightes of this shopping day was going to Sephora! I had never been to Sephora and I had been saving for almost a year to buy something fun at Sephora!

Recap Italy Milan 10

I bought the Hoola Lite Bronzer and the Too Faced Funfetti Palette. I will be doing a separate collective haul where you will see both products!!

Recap Italy Milan 09

After shopping the whole morning at Via Buenos Aires, we went to Piazza del Duomo for the afternoon! And I did made some beautiful pictures there! But first, we went to McDonald’s for lunch!

Recap Italy Milan 11

Piazza del Duomo is the place where the Milan’s Cathedral is. I did made some pictures of the Cathedral (Duomo).

Recap Italy Milan 21Recap Italy Milan 20Recap Italy Milan 19Recap Italy Milan 23

Near to the Cathedral, you can find one of Milan’s most expensive warehouses: La Rinascente.

Recap Italy Milan 15Recap Italy Milan 16Recap Italy Milan 17

It was such a beautiful warehouse to walk through. It has the most expensive brands and at the top you could find several restaurant, a little supermarket and a panorama-point!

We also saw the Ferrari Store!

Recap Italy Milan 13Recap Italy Milan 12

This was so beautiful to see! At the last picture you see a Formula 1 car by Ferrari!

Recap Italy Milan 14

Literally, Milan is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been!

After shopping again for a whole afternoon, we sat down and ordered some icecreams!

Recap Italy Milan 24

Italian ice cream is the best ice cream ever! I had a magnum look-a-like with coconut ice cream and mom had a berries ice cream!

We went back to the hotel and on our way back I could make some beautiful pictures again!

Recap Italy Milan 22Recap Italy Milan 25

After chilling at our hotel for a while. We went out for some diner. We already had sushi the day before, and since we were in Italy, we wanted to have some typical Italian food!

I ate a spaghetti pesto and it was so delicious!

Recap Italy Milan 26

And that was already day 2 of our little Milan-trip.


Ahhh, this day we left the beautiful Milan. (booh) BUT, we went to our holiday-destination Peschiera del Garda which wasn’t bad at all!

While walking to the central station I saw this hotel called the ‘NYX hotel‘ and I immidiatly had to think about the make-up brand NYX cosmetics. I’m still wondering if it was their hotel or just a hotel who chose their name randomly!

Recap Italy Milan 27

It was soooooooooo hot that day. Also at the central station, there was no airconditioning there because it is a super old (but beautiful) building. We had a cappuccino and something to eat before our train left!

Recap Italy Milan 28

Going with the train was a disaster. We went in 1st class because we thought it had airconditioning but it hadn’t airconditioning so it was 1.5 hour of sweating and puffing.

4 hours after we left the hotel, we finally arrived at our residence in Peschiera Del Garda. We packed our clothes and other stuff out our suitcases, chilled for a while and took a shower. Around diner time we walked to the center of Peschiera for something to eat. We went to Peschiera before, so we know where the good restaurants are. All’orologio is one of our favorites, so that’s where we ate the first night!

Recap Italy Milan 30

Parma Ham & Parmezan Cheese (and my coke lol)

Recap Italy Milan 33

Tortellini with ham and cream sauce, my favorite food ever!

I also made a couple of pictures of Peschiera that night!

Recap Italy Milan 32Recap Italy Milan 31Recap Italy Milan 34

The night ended with a beautiful fireworks-show I watched! Literally, it was one of the most beautiful fireworks I’ve ever seen. But as well fireworks, very hard to make a nice picture of!

Recap Italy Milan 35Recap Italy Milan 36

So these were the first couple of days of our Italy-holiday. I hope you liked it. I will be uploading the rest of our trip the upcoming weeks. Let me know if you have any suggestions for me to improve the blogposts!

Much love, Anne


18 thoughts on “Recap Italy Holiday #1 ♥ Milan

  1. Italy sounds amazing, and all the food looks totally delicious. Especially the pesto spaghetti, I’m hungry! The Ferrari store looks so cool and of course Sephora is always a must. I would have instantly thought of the NYX makeup brand if I’d have seen that hotel too. Glad you had a lovely holiday 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, I was LOVING all your snaps from your Italy trip. I think my favorite picture is of Peschiera, such a gorgeous view, I could just stand there for hours admiring. Speaking of admiring, Piazza del Duomo- unbelievable! That may be THE most beautiful most detailed cathedral, it’s just jaw dropping. AH I am soooo excited that you went to your very first Sephora!!!! Was it a good experience? Hoola is an amazing brand, I can’t wait to see your pallet, you’ll have to do a post with both the items you got! The food there looks mouth watering and delicious. I obviously have to comment on the sushi first and foremost, because I <3 sushi, it looks incredible, and now I also want some after looking at those pictures. But next that pasta- I can't even imagine how amazing the pesto spaghetti must be over there. It's good here in the USA but I mean, in Italy, I'm sure it's a completely different experience! Also NYX hotel, when I first read it I thought that it was going to be related to the NYX cosmetics brand too I just looked it up and I don't think the two are correlated, probably just a coincidence but pretty cool!!! Thanks for sharing with us and welcome back sweets <3

    xo, JJ

    1. Ah so glad you liked it Jenny, glad you liked Peschiera as well. I spent there 10 days and I made a lot of beautiful pictures there. I hope I can upload a new blogpost about it soon! Looking back at the blogpost, I also get hungry. That good in Italy tho, wow, one of the best things of the holiday! Pasta in Italy is much better than you get in Italian restaurant outside of Italy. The whole atmospheres in the restaurants are so different. Such an experience! Sadly the hotel and the NYX cosmetics company aren’t related, that would have been so cool! xoxo

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