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Recap Italy Holiday #2 ♥ Peschiera del Garda

Peschiera 37

Heyhey everyone, welcome back to my blog. How are you doing? I know it has been too long, but today I’m back with another recap of my Italy-adventures! I changed it up a little bit, because my last blogpost was too long in my opinion and we have so much more to recap! I hope you still like these blogposts!

FRIDAY 04.08

It was really really hot on Friday, above 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit). That’s why we stayed ‘at home’ the whole day and just chilled for a little bit.

Peschiera 01

We had a pool at our residence so that’s where we’ve been this whole day. It was too hot to do other activities. I also wasn’t feeling well that day, so I didn’t mind it.

Peschiera 02Peschiera 03

The view from our balcony!

At night we walked to the center of Peschiera again!

Peschiera 04Peschiera 05

We actually had the same dinner as yesterday, so I didn’t made a picture again! I also went home earlier than the rest of the family, because I felt really sick!

Saturday 05.08

At Saturday, the heat hadn’t gone yet! It was still super duper warm, BUT I was luckily feeling much better!

Peschiera 06Peschiera 07

We ‘started‘ the day (it was 12 am) with cappuccino and some delicious pastries! We had to walk for 5 minutes to this little cute Pasticceria for some delicious pastries. That was definitely not a problem.

This day was really hot as well, so with did nothing else as the day before. We chilled in our apartment and went swimming.

In the evening, we went to a town near by called Desenzano, for dinner.

Peschiera 09Peschiera 10

I ordered a pasta All’Arabiata, which wasn’t the best choice for that night. It was like a pasta Bolognese with a lot of peppers in it. It was so hot, especially in combination with the already hot weather!!

Peschiera 08

A view of the terrace. Desenzano is a little bigger town than Peschiera, but it has such beautiful views on the garda lake as well!

After the dinner, we went home very quickly. We were all so hot! PEschiera 11.png

My dad & I went to the center of Peschiera for an ice cream to cool down a little and that was already the end of the day!

Sunday 06.08

Sunday was a lot more exciting! It was a bit cooler than the other days, so we wanted to do something. But of course, we started the day with some cappuccino and pastries!

PEschiera 12

We decided to go swimming in the Garda Lake. We drove to Garda to find a nice place to go in the water.

PEschiera 13PEschiera 14PEschiera 15

When we were there, the weather wasn’t as nice. It was very cloudy and the place was very boring. We had a drink and decided to drive further. We wanted to go to Malcesine, a town at the North of the Garda Lake. We heard that you could go up on a hill with a cable car. Funivia Monte Baldo, that’s what it’s called. Up on the mountain, you have a wonderful view over the whole area + the Garda Lake. There are coming a lot of pictures from the view now!

PEschiera 19PEschiera 20

PEschiera 21PEschiera 22

PEschiera 23PEschiera 24

PEschiera 25PEschiera 26

Peschiera 28PEschiera 27

Outfit of the day. Dress: Only, Slippers: Kruidvat

And than it happened. The cable car had a ‘pitstop‘ in the middle of the mountain, to pick up people who walked downstairs. At the moment we came at the middle, the cable car stopped. It had a technical issue and we would have an hour delay! So we asked the staff if we could walk down to get our car to pick up my mom and sister. That was possible, but it would be a 30 minutes walk, only downstairs the hill. My dad and I decided to do that. If you see my outfit of that day, you can imagine that wasn’t the perfect outfit for a hike. But I didn’t mind. My dad and I walked for a total of 1,5 hours downstairs (because we accidentally took the wrong way) and it was beautiful (and very exhausting!!!).

Peschiera 29Peschiera 30

Peschiera 31

Well, when we came down, the cable car was already fixed. But we had an amazing hike, definitely a day to remember!

We drove back to Peschiera to eat some sushi that night. That was definitely a great ending of a great and adventures day!

Peschiera 32

Monday 07.08

We heard that there was a cute little market in Peschiera on Monday, so that’s where we went. But first, we had breakfast at our favorite restaurant in Peschiera!

Peschiera 33

I don’t have any pictures of the market, unfortunately, but it was very touristic! After the market, we were so hot, so we sat down for some ice cream.

Peschiera 34

I took only strawberries, which I didn’t like because they were so sour!

We went back to our apartment to chill for a while and around 3 o’clock we went to the supermarket to get some food. We went to a super big SPAR, a store we really liked. It had so much delicious food!

Peschiera 35

Oh and my outfit of the day! I bought these clothes in Milan! It has been my favorite outfit of the holiday because it was the less sweatiest!

Peschiera 40

At night we drove to Sirmione for dinner. We saw this hotel which looked really fancy. The view on the Garda Lake was insanely pretty!

Peschiera 36.png

Peschiera 37

The food at this restaurant was delicious. As a starter we had vegetables tempura (no picture). As a main course I had a tagliatelle carbonara and as a dessert I had a cappuccino!

Peschiera 38Peschiera 39

This was already part 2 of my holiday recap! I really hope you liked it. Let me know if you’ve ever been to these places or what adventure you liked most in this blogpost. I’d also love to know if you have any tips or advices to improve these blogpost!

I wish you a lovely upcoming-week!

Much love, Anne ♥




10 thoughts on “Recap Italy Holiday #2 ♥ Peschiera del Garda

  1. Everything looks and sounds so amazing! Italy is so beautiful. The photos you got of the lake Garda views look absolutely breathtaking, and that unplanned hike sounds totally amazing! I’m glad you had such a lovely time! X

  2. Your Italy trip is soooo dreamy! The view at the terrace where you guys ate at is just so pretty too! I swear everything there is just flat out picture-esq and looks like it came right out of a magazine! I can’t believe the cable car had to stop for that long- nuts. But definitely totally worth walking down with that view. Plus at least it was downhill, uphill might’ve been tough lol Glad you guys made it though. I can’t get over those mountain views, looks incredible. I never imagined Italy having mountains like that- I wish I could see them for myself. Even the water there looks gorgeous, beautiful light blue. Was the water warm at least? So happy that I finally caught up on your trip! And thank you again for the postcard <3

    xo, JJ

    1. Well, I have to admit, I haven’t been in the lake-water. The point is, we were at the south of the lake, and there is almost no wind overthere. So the water is very very dirty. (there is a lot of seaweed, sand and stones in the water). On top of the lake, the north, there is a lot of wind. So the water is very blue overthere. When we went to the North, it was really cold, so it was too cold to go in the water.

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