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Recap Italy Holiday #3 ♥ Karting, Shopping & Exploring

Recap Italy Peschiera 44.png

Hey everyone, and welcome back to my blog!! I’m finally back with the 3rd part of my holiday in Italy. I hope you still like this little series. I actually really like to write it!

Here we go again!


Recap Italy Peschiera 01

We started our day, as usual, at the little pasticerria near our apartment. While writing this blogpost, I’m really getting hungry for these little pastries!!

After that we chilled at our apartment, because it was again, a really hot day. In the afternoon we decided to go karting, because we saw a lot of advertising for this near the road!

Recap Italy Peschiera 02Recap Italy Peschiera 03

We first had a qualification, to decide who could begin with the Grand Prix. My dad was 1st, my little sister was 2nd, I was 3rd and my mom was 4th. During the Grand Prix, this didn’t change that much, only that my little sister won!

It was really fun to do, but really really heavy. We were all broken after this karting. So when we went home, we first chilled for another hour before we went to a restaurant for dinner.

Recap Italy Peschiera 04

Outfit of the night! Dress: Primark, Shoes: New Balance.

We went to All’Orologio in Peschiera, again. Because we just really really like the food overthere. And guess what I ate again? Yes, tortellini!

Recap Italy Milan 33


On Wednesday, my mom, sister and I went to Veronaaaaaaa! One of the highlights of this trip. I’d been to Verona before, and I remembered that shopping there is a lot of fun. So that’s what we did, shopping! I also made a lot of beautiful pictures of the city itself!

Recap Italy Peschiera 05Recap Italy Peschiera 07Recap Italy Peschiera 08

The colloseum!

Recap Italy Peschiera 06Recap Italy Peschiera 09

Shopping at Bershka! I really really like Bershka in Verona, it’s one of my favorite shops ever!

Recap Italy Peschiera 10Recap Italy Peschiera 11

Lunch break! I had a cappuccino and a mini foccaccia, and my mother & sister both had a mini pizza. It was delicious!

Recap Italy Peschiera 12

Selfie time!

Recap Italy Peschiera 13Recap Italy Peschiera 14

Recap Italy Peschiera 15Recap Italy Peschiera 16

Verona is just such a beautiful city. I really like those colorful houses, mixed with the really old Roman buildings. It gives such a great look in the city! I think it might be one of the most beautiful smaller cities in Europe!

Recap Italy Peschiera 18Recap Italy Peschiera 19

At the end of the afternoon, we were all so hot that we sat down for a milkshake. We really really needed it! Unfortunately, it took a long time before the milkshakes came, so we almost missed our bus back to Peschiera!

That we ate sushi again, but first, look at the sky! The weather was so bad. It got really windy and there was a thunderstorm coming. Luckily, it wasn’t that bad for us. I tried capturing this all for you, and the picture are actually pretty cool!

Recap Italy Peschiera 20Recap Italy Peschiera 22

Sushi time! I didn’t made much pictures of the sushi this evening. But I had to make pictures from the decoration on the plate! Aren’t they super cute!!

Recap Italy Peschiera 23Recap Italy Peschiera 24


Recap Italy Peschiera 01

Starting our day with a cappuccino and some pastries.

We haven’t done anything exciting this day. My sister and I walked to Peschiera where we had the most disgusting Frozen Yogurt ever!!

Recap Italy Peschiera 25

But, it was really hot and we really wanted something cold, so we sad down an hour later for lunch. I had a strawberry Granite (picture) there and we ate a baby pizza together!

Recap Italy Peschiera 26

This day, we cooked our own dinner. I really liked the potatoes but the meat wasn’t my thing. I haven’t made any pictures of that, sorry! At night we went to a little night-market! It was a bit disappointing because it was super small and they only sold like really touristic things!

Recap Italy Peschiera 27Recap Italy Peschiera 28

FRIDAY 11.08

Friday was actually a colder day. It was around 22 degrees Celsius (71 Fahrenheit) so we decided to visit a cute little town called Limone. But first, cappuccino!

Recap Italy Peschiera 29

I made a couple of pictures while driving to Limone. I got a couple of really cute view-pictures! I hope you like them as well. It was almost 1,5 hours driving to Limone, which wasn’t really a problem because the weather wasn’t good!

Recap Italy Peschiera 30Recap Italy Peschiera 33

Recap Italy Peschiera 32Recap Italy Peschiera 31

And then we finally came to Limone!

Recap Italy Peschiera 34Recap Italy Peschiera 41

We walked to the center and we sat down for some coffee and pie. I had the best chocolate pie ever! (but it was soooo big!!)

Recap Italy Peschiera 35

After that, we walked through the center of Limone. Limone is really small but so beautiful, as you will see soon!

Recap Italy Peschiera 36Recap Italy Peschiera 39

Recap Italy Peschiera 37Recap Italy Peschiera 38

Wow, isn’t this little heaven beautiful?

After exploring Limone, we drove back to Peschiera via the other side of the Garda lake. That was a little boring because the places there are less touristic than at the site of Peschiera.

We had dinner at Desenzano were I had a cheeseburger and French fries. I definitely needed that after a whole vacation of pasta, pizza and sushi!

Recap Italy Peschiera 42

Oh yes and it was really cold at the terrace so I wore my dad’s jacket which is way too back! I looked really funny actually!

When we came back to our apartment, it was a bit early so we decided to walk to Peschiera for an ice cream! I know, I said it was cold, but I changed my clothes so it was no problem!!

Recap Italy Peschiera 43

That’s part 3 of my Italy-recap. I really hope you like it. I do like recapping this holiday, because I’m experiencing it all again. Part 4 will be up on my blog soon, and that will also be the last part! So I see you soon!!

Much love, Anne ♥


20 thoughts on “Recap Italy Holiday #3 ♥ Karting, Shopping & Exploring

  1. Oh Anne, thank you so much for sharing your trip. I really feel like I was there, and you certainly are putting the ‘travel bug’ in me 🙂 Your pictures are great ! and …you have made me sooooo hungry 🙂
    My husband does karting here but on an outside track. He always comes home so exhausted as it is such hard work and such a powerful sport. I personally have never gone karting with him, but did indoor karting once several years ago.
    Limone looks so beautiful.
    I had to smile…about eating ice-cream when it was cold 🙂 I do it too !!!! Have a beautiful day 🙂 x

    1. Ahw, Lynne, you are too sweet. Thank you for this lovely comment! I also got super hungry while writing this blogpost. All those food pictures just look too delicious (and it was very delicious in real as well). This was also indoor karting, it was so much fun but definitely exhausting, so I definitely understand your husband coming home exhausted! Eating ice cream can always in my opinion, even in winter, hihi! xo

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