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Recap Italy Holiday #4 ♥ Boats, flowers and driving home

Recap Peschiera 09

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! Nice to have you here again. Today is the final part of my Italy holiday, so my last change to relive the holiday. I hope you liked this little series I did, I really enjoyed writing these. So without any further ado, let’s dive into it!


Recap Peschiera 01

Did you guess it? We started the day at our favorite little bakery with some pastries and cappuccino. I just can’t get over those little strawberry cookies, they are so delicious!

And here is my outfit of the day!

Recap Peschiera 02

Romper: Bershka, Slippers: Crocs, Sunglasses: Van Haren

We rented a boat for this day, and luckily, the weather was super nice! We rented a boat for 3 hours and that was more than enough. We had the best time together on the boat and I did make a lot of pictures as well!

Recap Peschiera 03Recap Peschiera 06

Recap Peschiera 05Recap Peschiera 07

The castle of Sirmione!

Recap Peschiera 04Recap Peschiera 08

It was very cloudy that day but we had an amazing time on the boat. It was definitely one of my favorite days of the holiday! After that we were very hungry, so we bought some pastries again to take away!

Recap Peschiera 09

Haha, 30 seconds after this picture these where gone!

Recap Peschiera 10Recap Peschiera 11

On that left picture you see a crane with so many birds on it! It’s not super clear but it was so cool to see all those birds chilling in the sun! We walked to Peschiera for dinner!

Recap Peschiera 12Recap Peschiera 13

I had a carpaccio as a starter and my maincourse was pasta with salmon and cream sauce! It was delicious!

SUNDAY 13.08

Recap Peschiera 14Recap Peschiera 15

Starting our day with cappuccino and some pastries. You can see a little bit more of the bakery now on that right picture! Oh I’m getting so hungry of all these food pictures!!

My mom and I went to a flower park this day. I made a separate blogpost about that so if you like to read it and see all the beautiful flowers, definitely check that blogpost out.

Visiting Parco Giardino Sigurtà ♥

Park 22

We ate sushi that night, but it was so delicious that I couldn’t make pictures of it. But I could make a picture of the most delicious thing we had: Salmon Tataki.

Recap Peschiera 16.png

MONDAY 14.08

Oh my God, what is happening? We didn’t go to the bakery this morning, hahaha! This is our last full day in Italy, so we wanted to make sure we went to Sirmione, because that is also a really beautiful place at the Gardalake!

Recap Peschiera 18

Outfit of the day! Sneakers: New Balance, Dress: Primark, Bag: Bulaggi

We went to Sirmione by boat, that was also really cool but different from the day before. This was more like a ferry!

Recap Peschiera 19Recap Peschiera 20.png

It was really hot this day, so the first thing we did in Sirmione was sitting down and relaxing. I had a baby pizza margarita!

Recap Peschiera 21

And now I’ll be showing you some pictures of Sirmione itself. It is a very very touristic place, it is also very old. You can find the best ice cream overhere, but it is really expensive. You do get a lot of ice cream tho!

Recap Peschiera 22Recap Peschiera 23Recap Peschiera 24

I already had like 2 ice creams that day so I didn’t buy one in Sirmione! We went back to Peschiera with a much faster boat, and we arrived in our apartment at the end of the afternoon. We decided that we had to eat at our favorite restaurant in Peschiera at our last day, so that’s what we did!

Recap Peschiera 25

Tortellini con panne e prosciutto! 


BOOH we are leaving today. We went to the bakery for our goodbye-treats!

Recap Peschiera 26Recap Peschiera 27

My sister and mom where going home by plane but my dad and I would drive home. We wanted to go through Austria and not so much on the highway, so that’s what we did. We left Peschiera around 11 o’clock and we start driving. I have a couple of pictures from that day, it was CRAZY!

Recap Peschiera 28Recap Peschiera 29

Iseo Lake

Recap Peschiera 30Recap Peschiera 31

I was only a bit terrified when I look on the navigation of our car!

Recap Peschiera 32Recap Peschiera 33

My dad drove all the way up on this mountain, and it was the scariest ride of my life. The road was super small, there was nothing on the side of the road to keep us from falling downhill and it was such a steep road!

Recap Peschiera 35Recap Peschiera 36


Recap Peschiera 37

This tunnel was scary as well. It was as wide as our car and we had to go through it for 5 kilometers! One mistake and you hit the wall!

We had an amazing day in the car. We saw a lot of great views, mostly in Italy, but also in Switzerland and Austria! We were exhausted when we arrived in our hotel in Austria after more than 6 hours of being in the car!

Recap Peschiera 38Recap Peschiera 39

We stayed in a place called Nauders. It was very boring and all the people where very unfriendly there. But the food was good. I had a Fritatensuppe as a starter and Chicken and Salat as a main course!

We were so exhausted that we went to bed directly after diner!


Waking up in cold and boring Nauders. The view was beautiful tho!

Recap Peschiera 40Recap Peschiera 41

We left very quickly because we had a long drive ahead of us today. But we needed some coffee before we would go on the road!

Recap Peschiera 42

And we started driving!

Recap Peschiera 43Recap Peschiera 44


I drove for a long time that day so I couldn’t make a lot of pictures. When we arrived in Germany, my dad drove again! I was so exhausted. We arrived in Tübbingen around 7 o’clock in the evening. We decided that we really wanted some sushi so that’s what we got! It was in a super fun little restaurant and we ate amazing sushi!

Recap Peschiera 45


We had a business meeting this day and we drove home. Well actually, my dad drove home because I was so tired! We arrived home at 9 o’clock in the evening. I was exhausted but I could look back on an amazing holiday!

So, this was already my whole holiday. I really hope you liked all these blogposts. If you want to see the first 3 blogposts, you can click on one of them:

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I see you soon again with some new blogposts. I wish you a happy week!

xo, Anne ♥


12 thoughts on “Recap Italy Holiday #4 ♥ Boats, flowers and driving home

  1. Wow Anne, what an amazing holiday you had with your family ! This is a trip you will never forget,. Everything was perfect….and even your drive home….spending all that quality time with your dad, must have been so great. Thank you so much for sharing your holiday…I know I totally loved it, your pics were great, and I loved seeing your outfits as well….OMW !!!! those pastries 🙂 I could do with some now LOL 🙂 Have a great day. x

    1. I will definitely never forget this holiday. Partly because I made so many blogposts about it, haha! It was amazing to have some quality time with that, we had an amazing time together! I could have some pastries now as well, oh. Why did you start talking about them again??? LOL. Have an amazing day as well Lynne, xo

  2. Few things:
    1) pastries look delicious as always.
    2) Your romper is adorable!!
    3) Those sunflowers look dreamy!!

    I love food and sight-seeing, two of my favorite things to do, lol. Seeing buildings through photos, yes it’s very beautiful, but it doesn’t compare to seeing everything with your own eyes. Only good thing about photos is capturing memories 🙂

    And my husband and I would have loved those winding roads!! One of our goals is to find a road like that and drive through it, lol.

    I think it’s so cool that you can drive to Italy even though the drive there takes a while and is exhausting. But honestly, you can’t beat those views of the mountains. I love road trips so much!

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