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Recap ♥ Summer goals


Heyhey everyone, happy October!! It’s already the end of summer, yay, autumn is coming! Today, I’ll be talking about my summer goals, did I reach them? You find out soon!

If you want to read the summer goals blogpost I wrote, you can click here. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Blogging goals:

  • Post 3 blogpost every week. No, I didn’t reach this goal. I was super uninspired this summer and I was actually quite busy with work. So I didn’t reach this goal, too bad. But I think I did put up some really cool blogposts this summer!
  • Post at least 1 picture on instagram each day. When I posted the blogpost, I kept up with this ‘goal’ for 1 week. Then, I got really busy and I didn’t make it to post 1 picture a day! I did post some cool pictures of my holiday in Italy on my instagram, you can check it out on my instagram here.
  • Find out how Pinterest works and be really active on it. So I did find out how Pinterest works, but it’s not my favorite social media. That’s why I wasn’t very active on it as well!
  • Follow more blogs and connect with more bloggers. YAY, finally a goal I did achieve! I found some really cool blogs and bloggers over the summer, and I did get some new blogging-friends as well!
  • Doing more fashion-related blogposts. OMG, I totally forgot this one actually. I haven’t done a single fashion blogpost this summer, but I am definitely planning on doing a couple in the autumn! So stay tuned 🙂
  • Reach 800 followers on WordPress. When I wrote the blogpost, I had 749 followers on WordPress. Now, I have 1149 followers. I am so excited, thank you all for following me! I made a blogpost about my 1k followers-achievement, you can read it here.
  • Reach 900 followers on Instagram. YAY, I recently reached this goal and I was so happy. Are you one of my instagram followers yet? (if not, follow me here)
  • Gain some more followers on Pinterest. I reached this goal as well, but I haven’t been active at all as I described before!!

DIY Summer 05

My other goals for this summer:

  • Learn to speak Italian. I haven’t learned it the way I wanted, but I did learn a little bit of the language. I went to Italy on a holiday, and the locals taught me some words in Italian. I also learned some new words of the menu’s in the restaurants, haha. I hope I get to learn the Italian language before my next trip to Italy 🙂
  • Get to know Excel better. Uh, also didn’t achieve this one. I was just too lazy to get the books and study the program. I have an Excel class next semester so I might learn a little more about the program soon.
  • Doing fun stuff with friends and family. Yes, I really did some amazing stuff with my friends and family this summer. Here are a couple of highlights:

I went to Amsterdam with my mother!

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Fittingroom 💃

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I went to Eindhoven with my sister!

I went to Italy with my family!

And I went to one of world’s most beautiful parks in Italy, with my mother!

  • Doing sporty things. LOL, I haven’t done a lot of sporty things this summer. I went to the gym a couple of time with my father or sister. Like 3 times or something, haha!

This was my summer 2017. I really accomplished a lot (especially for my blog) and I had a really amazing holiday! How was your summer? What was your highlight of the season?

I wish you all an amazing autumn!

Much love, Anne ♥

9 thoughts on “Recap ♥ Summer goals

  1. You really did accomplish a lot during summer, and you really did some fun stuff !
    Anne, I am useless when it comes to accomplishing goals which I set for myself…I battle even to accomplish what I should in a day, even with a list when it comes to my personal stuff.. My mind just goes in overdrive and does it’s own thing. This is something I am striving to work on.
    Anyway, I think you have done great. Well done 🙂 Have a wonderful week ahead and Happy October 🙂 x

    1. I am glad I got to accomplish some things this summer and I definitely did some amazing things! I also struggle with the ‘everyday-things’ to accomplish, I’m really lazy actually. I know how you feel and I am also trying to work on it. Let me know it when you find the solution, haha! Wish you also a wonderful week ahead Lynne! xoxo

  2. It sounds like you had the most amazing summer and achieved so much, I’m happy for you. Gosh your followers really climbed high in such a short amount of time, congratulations. I can’t wait to see more blog posts from you 🙂

  3. I enjoyed these photos what a beautiful trip. My sis has the same learn Italian goal because her husband told her he won’t take her on a trip unless she learns it, it’s at tough on though!

    Also, you’ve been nominated for a lovely blog award. Check it out on my site whenever you want. No obligation to respond though.😊

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