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Blush Tips & Tricks

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Today, I’m sharing some tips and tricks for blush. When I was a little younger, I never wore blush. But since I know how to do it well, I can’t life without it anymore!

For this blogpost, I’ll be using the Emani Pressed Mineral Blush in the color Ay Pappi!

If you are from the BENELUX, and you want to order something from Emani, use code ANNE10 for 10% discount on you purchase! Here is a link to Emani’s website. If you want to know more about the brand or their products, you can read my last blogpost about the HD Corrective Concealer here.*


So, I’m starting of with picking the right color! If you have a fair skintone, you should take a lighter color. If you have a deeper skintone, you should go for a more bolder color! It’s also good to find out if you have a warm or a cool undertone (I made a blogpost about that). If you have a warm undertone, you can go for a peachy blush. If you have a cool undertone, you can go for a more pink/mauve color!

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This is actually THE perfect blush for me. It’s the Emani Pressed Mineral Blush in 1030 Ay Pappi! The girl from Emani who did my make-up, choose this blush for me and it’s the perfect color. It’s a pink color, because I have a cool undertone and my skin is very pale, so I have a lighter blush! It was hard to capture it on a picture, but in real life, the blush looks stunning!

Where do you put on blush?

Every face-shape is different. You really need to look at your face so you can find out what kind of shape your face has. There are several websites, blogs and youtube videos where they can help you with finding the face shape you have. I have a round face, so I’ve adjusted all my tips & tricks to that face shape. You can always try it out, even if you don’t have a round face!

Blush Tips & Tricks 02Blush Tips & Tricks 03

This is where I normally put my blush! It might look a little weird, because I’m not the best drawer with Paint, but I hope it’s clear to you! As you can see, I’m not putting the blush all on to the front. When you have a round face, and you put blush from your nose all the way to your ears, it will look even rounder and bigger!

I’ve been following some blush trends lately, and I found out that this is the place a lot of people are butting their blush nowadays:

Blush Tips & Tricks 05Blush Tips & Tricks 04

They are blending it in into their hairline! I actually like this style, it can look really natural. But don’t put to blush up to your forehead, that might look really weir and fake!

Blush Tips & Tricks 07.png

This is how it looks like on my face! I hope you can see it. As I told you, it was really hard to capture this blush on my face but it looked sooo pretty in real life!

Using blush as contour

This trick was told me be one of the girls from Emani who did my make-up and I love it! I’ve been playing with this trick and I think it looks so lovely. It’s giving a really soft contour to your face without looking weird! So here it goes. You just put the blush on your face. Make sure you don’t blend it down to your cheeks too much, this looks (1) really weird and (2) it’s not what you’re going for if you want to use it as a contour. After you’re finished with the blush, you take a translucent or foundation powder on a brush or a sponge, and you make a straight line UNDER your blush. I will show you what I mean:

Blush Tips & Tricks 08.png

If you’ve drawn a line under your blush, you can let it sink in for a couple of minutes and you can wipe the excess powder away! It will look like you contoured your face, but you didn’t even put on a bronzer or a contour powder! It makes your face look slimmer and it’s so quick & easy to do!

Applying blush as an eyeshadow

If you want a really soft look, you can let your blush color come back in your eyeshadow! Since I saw this trick by a Dutch youtuber, I’ve always been doing it! It looks so pretty and so soft, like your whole face comes together! This is what you do:

Blush Tips & Tricks 09.png

Use a blender blush to apply a little bit of the blush in the ‘outer V‘ of your eyes and under the lower lashline (see picture above). It will only give a little color, and you probably won’t see it super good, but it gives such a soft effect! I think you’ll love it!

Blush Tips & Tricks 10.png

If you never put on eyeshadow, I have another amazing trick for you. This is something I do when I’m super late. I take my blending brush and I go lightly in the blush with it. I swipe it all over my eyelid and a little under the lower lashline for just a tiny bit of color on the eye. I’m sure it will look really fresh!

Other quick tips:

  • Make sure you have finished your foundation with a finish or translucent powder before you put on your blush. If your face is still ‘wet’ from the foundation, the blush can be a little flattery!
  • Don’t use a super big brush for your blush. If you use a smaller one, you can work more precise!
  • If you really took all the color of your face away with your foundation, you can put a tiny bit of blush on your chin, nose and forehead for that little touch of color. But be really careful with this trick!

I hope you’ve really learned something from this blogpost! I’ve never done something like this before but it was so much fun to make! I also hope you had a good laugh about my drawing-skills, hahaha!

So, once again, if you life in the BENELUX, you can use my code ANNE10 for 10% discount on the Emani Website. *

See you soon!

xo, Anne ♥

* This is an affiliate link. You get 10% discount on your purchase if you buy something from Emani on their website, only if you live in the BENELUX. I didn’t get paid to do this blogpost. I did get the blush for free!

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