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Review Emani Hydrawear Foundation

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I’m reviewing the Emani Cosmetics Hydrawear Liquid 12HR foundation today for you! I reviewed products from Emani Cosmetics before, but I’m the most enthusiast about this product! I also have a discount code for you guys so stay tuned!

As I told you already, I’ll be reviewing the Emani Cosmetics Hydrawear Liquid 12HR foundation. I have this foundation in the color 212 Fairly Light. I went to an event where I also got this foundation and the girl who did my make-up put on this color. It is literally the perfect color for my skintone!

So before we start with this blogpost, I want to tell you that I have a discount code for you! If you are from the BENELUX, and you want to order something from Emani, use code ANNE10 for 10% discount on you purchase! Here is a link to Emani’s website. If you want to know more about the brand or their products, you can read my blogposts about the HD Corrective Concealer here and the Mineral Blush here.*

So this is how the foundation looks like:

Review Hydrawear Foundation 13

As I told you, I have this foundation in the color 212 Fairly Light. There is 30 ml of concealer in this packaging. It costs €41,95, but you can get 10% discount! ($34, you can’t get discount on the US site)

Review Hydrawear Foundation 01

I really like that this foundation has a little pump. That is definitely a must for me, when I buy foundations. It’s just super easy and it will not leak (mostly) when you take it with you in a (travel)bag. The ‘packaging’ of the foundation is very solid. It’s made of glass what gives a really luxurious feeling. I also love how they put the logo on the flask.

The foundation doesn’t have a crazy smell, which I like. It does smell a bit different from other foundations I have, but I bet it has something to do with the ingredients. This foundation is 100% vegan and free of talc & parabens, so it’s not weird that it has a slightly different smell!

Review Hydrawear Foundation 02

EMANI Hydrawear 12HR Foundation contains a potent blend of natural, vegan ingredients and blurring pigments that smooth out your complexion. It also reduce the appearance of fine line, wrinkles while hyaluronic acid binds moisture to skin cells, keeping skin looking youthful and nourished.

The ingredients of the foundation are all vegan and natural. The concealer is free of talc and parabens. The foundations has a mix of hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil. For a full list of the ingredients you can go to their website.

The foundation is vegan, made in the USA, toxin free, recycled, organic and cruelty free. It’s also durable for 24 month after you open it, what is very common for foundations.

I’ve tested out this foundation for a while, before I wrote this blogpost. I have a clear opinion about this product! First of all, I swatched this foundation:

Review Hydrawear Foundation 04Review Hydrawear Foundation 03

On the left picture, you see a little dot of the foundation. The foundation is very rich, I think that is because of the different oils it has. I was also told that this foundation is meant as a mix of skincare and make-up. So that’s also a reason why the formula is a bit thicker, I think. On the right picture you see a little swatch of the foundation. It might look a bit weird but I haven’t blended it at all. Don’t be scared that it will look like this on your face, haha! When it’s blended, it looks like a second skin! I just wanted to show you the coverage of this foundation.

Now, I will show you how it looks on my face. And these pictures are really fabulous, as always (not).

Review Hydrawear Foundation 12Review Hydrawear Foundation 11

I have no make-up on on both pictures. I just came out of the shower and this is how my clean face looks like.

Review Hydrawear Foundation 10Review Hydrawear Foundation 09

I only applied a thin layer of the foundation on my face. My face already looks fresher, but the foundation hasn’t cover everything. It has a low to medium coverage when you only put a thin layer on your face. It also looks like a second skin, you don’t see it at all! This would be perfect for an everyday make-up look!

Review Hydrawear Foundation 07Review Hydrawear Foundation 08

I applied a second layer of foundation and yes girl, this is what I like! It even covered a bit of my dark circles! You can build the foundation up to the coverage you like, which is amazing. I must say that the more you put on, the stickier the foundation gets. That’s no problem if you use a fixing powder afterwards!

Review Hydrawear Foundation 06Review Hydrawear Foundation 05

This is the final look! I also have to say that my concealer blended perfectly with this foundation. That is also very important for me. Also the blush, bronzer and highlighter blended well on top of the foundation! It doesn’t look flattery as well!

You can use this foundation with a brush, a sponge or even with your fingers. I like to use it with a sponge, so it gives a really natural finish!

Overall, I love the foundation. You can build up the coverage but it will still look like a second skin on your face. Make sure to use a fixing powder over the foundation, so it will not be sticky. I also like that the foundation has a bit of a glow in it. I haven’t mentioned that before but it is not very matt. I would recommend it for people with a dry or normal skin, so the skin will glow a little bit more! 

If you want to buy this foundation, or other make-up from Emani, make sure to use my discount code: ANNE10. You get discount 10% discount of your purchase, only if you live in the BENELUX.*

I really hope you liked this blogpost and I hope to see you soon!

Much love, Anne ♥

*I got this product for free. I did not get paid to talk about it. The discount code is an affiliate link. YOU get 10% discount, I get a little % of your purchase as well. You don’t pay any extra if you use this code. You can use this code only in the BENELUX.

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