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Review Dr. Spiller Jojoba Peeling Cream

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Today, I’ll be reviewing a skincare product, yay! It’s the Jojoba Peeling Cream by the brand Dr. Spiller. I don’t review skincare that often on my blog so I’m super excited to write this one. Are you with me?

Dr. Spiller is a brand I got to know at the Beauty Trade Festival in Utrecht (NL) a couple of weeks ago. I went there and I got a goodiebag that also contained this peeling by Dr. Spiller. I was so thrilled about it that I wanted to try it out for my blog. For those of you who don’t know what a peeling is, it’s something similar as a scrub. The difference is that a peeling is better to use for your face, because it contains thinner ‘balls’. A scrub has thicker little ‘balls’ so it’s better to use for your body! This is how the product looks like:

Jojoba Peeling Review 05

That packaging is gorgeous! It looks very sophisticated with the silver and white and little black accents. It looks stunning. The packaging of the peeling cream is very solid and ‘works’ very well. So it’s super easy to open and close it. The product also comes with a little applicator, for those who like that!

The cream contains 50 ml/1.7 fl.oz. of product. It costs €21,80! This price is normal for this amount of product! This brand is also a little bit more high end.

Jojoba Peeling Review 03

This is what the packaging says about the product. The peeling is very mild, so you can apply it on your whole face and neck. You don’t have to worry that it’s to heavy and that your face will turn out red! It also promises a fresher appearance.

It is very normal to use circulating movements when you are applying a peeling, so it will really remove all the dead skin cells. This is a tip for all peelings or scrubs by the way!

Jojoba Peeling Review 04

These are the ingredients of the peeling. I don’t know a lot about ingredients, but I do see the Jojoba Oil very ‘high’ on the list. I also see that the product contains alcohol and perfume, which is no problem for me but can be a problem for other skintypes.

The smell of this peeling is great! It smells very creamy and ‘clean’. Imagine the smell of a very expensive cream, that is the smell of this product. I love it. The smell is a bit strong, but that doesn’t bother me.

Jojoba Peeling Review 02

This is how the product looks from the inside. Nothing special, just a ‘normal’-looking skincare product. That’s how I want it. When it has a very bright color, I’m always scared that it will stay on my face. So white skincare products are perfect for me!

I’ve talked about everything else already, but now I’ll be showing how the product looks like on my hand. I applied a thin layer with the little applicator that comes with it.

Jojoba Peeling Review 01

How it looks on the skin: As you can see, there are super tiny balls in the cream. The cream is also not very thick. I mentioned already before how to apply it. It feels really refreshing on your skin. The formula is light and the balls are very little so you don’t have so worry that it feels weird. After applying this and rinsing it with warm water, you will feel a little layer of oil left on your skin. That’s the jojoba oil! That does feel great! The peeling doesn’t completely dry your skin out. I will advice you to put on a cream after using this peeling!

I don’t have ‘before and after’-pictures because it doesn’t really show a difference on the pictures. You can only see in real life that it makes the skin look a little bit brighter and a little bit fresher.

So my overall opinion is very good about this product. After using it, my skin definitely looks (and feels) fresher. The packaging of this product looks very nice and luxurious and the products smells very good! I think this product is totally worth the money!

I really hope you liked this review. Let me know in the comments what you think of it. What do you think of my new ‘autumn-themed’-background? Last thing: My exam weeks are coming up, so I won’t post as many blogposts as I normally do.. I will try to keep up with my instagram, so definitely check that out!

Much love, Anne ♥


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