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My most underrated blogposts

Blush Tips & Tricks 06

Today, I’ll be sharing some underrated blogpost I posted here on my blog! It can always happen that I spend a lot of time on a blogpost, and it will not be seen as much as I hoped. 

There can be a couple of causes that my blogposts will not be seen as much. For example I posted them on the ‘wrong time’ so it will not be seen by my followers or it doesn’t really fit in on my beautyblog. (so it has a different subject) A year ago, I didn’t have as many followers so I also didn’t get a lot of views on those blogpost!

I’ll be sharing some of these blogpost today so you can still read the blogpost if you’ve missed it! Let me know in the comments which blogpost you liked most!

Number one: Blush Tips & Tricks

In this blogpost I shared a couple of blush tips and tricks so you can improve your blush skills! I searched for a couple of tips online and I also showed some tips other I saw on tv, a youtube video and I saw make-up artist doing!

Blush Tips & Tricks 06

Number 2: Review ♥ Yves Rocher Mask & Peeling

In this blogpost I reviewed two Yves Rocher skincare products. This was my first ‘real’ skincare-review and it turned out pretty well!

Review Yves Rocher 01

Number 3: Vampy Glam Halloween Look

I know, I only posted this look only two weeks ago, but I felt like it didn’t got as much response as I wanted to! I really enjoyed making this make-uplook and I feel like there where just too many halloween-blogposts only around that time so this one wasn’t as viewed as much! I hope you still like my recreation, eventhough it’s not an everyday look 🙂

Halloween 2017 Vampy 04

Number 4: Tutorial ♥ 2 Minute Eyeshadowlook + Christmas

This was one of the first looks I shared on my blog! It’s an oldie but a goodie! I made a tutorial on a look I wore a lot at that time and I still wear it sometimes now! I also shared how you could easily upgrade this look to a christmas look!


Number 5: Review ♥ Elite Brush

Oh yes this is the oldest blogpost of this little numeration! You can definitely see it by the quality but I must say that this is one of my favorite blogposts! I made this one with my sister and we actually still use this brush on a weekly basis!


I hope you liked this blogpost and definitely make sure to let me know which of the blogposts you liked the most! For those of you who didn’t know, I’m having exam weeks at the moment so I’m not making as many blogposts as I normally do. That’s also the reason of this quick blogpost today!

Have a great weekend!

Love, Anne ♥

10 thoughts on “My most underrated blogposts

  1. Oh Anne, you know I am such a fan. There were a couple posts that I had not seen, but I love them all. Isn’t that Elite brush amazing? Wow !!! Sorry I can’t pick a fave. Have a lovely weekend . 🙂 x

  2. It always intrigues me what posts get the most hype and which ones don’t. It always surprises me. I have some that I was sure would garner a lot of traffic and didn’t and then ones that I was not really as into (I felt I was to rushed or not as articulate with) and actually did really well, It almost feels like a game some times. <3

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