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The most unique eyeshadowcolors I own

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We all know the standard transition, crease and highlighter colors but have you seen these yet? I’m showing you the most unique and beautiful colors of my eyeshadow collection today!

I’ve been obsessed with eyeshadow for a while now so I have quite a collection. I own a couple of expensive palettes but the biggest part of my collection consist of cheaper palettes. A lot of low-budget brands are coming out with these amazing eyeshadow palettes so it’s super cool that the palettes are cheap!

Today, I’ll be talking about the most unique and beautiful colors of eyeshadow I own. These are colors I find super beautiful and I have never seen before at other brands. So I stop talking now, let’s find out what eyeshadowcolors I love!

Let’s start of with the 2 most beautiful palettes in my collection. The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. They are both very beautiful but if I’m comparing them to other brands and other eyeshadow colors, are these my favorite colors:

  1. Urban Decay Naked 3Buzz – This is a very glittery purple color. It’s actually a combination between pink and purple with a really lovely glittery finish!
  2. Urban Decay Naked 3Liar – This color is my favorite color at the moment. It is a brown color with a cool undertone and very subtle glitters in it. It’s a little bit duochrome I think? When I move the color around I see pink, silver an golden glitters!
  3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern RenaissanceVermeer – Wow, my life changed since I started using this color. It is such a pigmented, bright white color! In some lights it has a purple undertone and in other lights it looks a little bit golden!
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern RenaissanceBuon Fresco – This is the only matte shade I’ll be mentioning today but this one is a beauty! It is a lighter purple/mauve shade with a cool undertone. It’s a perfect crease color, but it’s also perfect for your whole eyelid. You can do everything with this of color!
  5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern RenaissancePrimavera – I’m not super into pure golden eyeshadows but this is an exception! It’s so beautiful and so pigmented! It is a darker golden shade with a perfect amount of shimmer/glitters in it!
  1. Wet n Wild Comfort ZoneEyelid Color – This is a very unique dark green color. It has a golden sheen in it and it has small glitters. (you can see it the best in the flash-picture)
  2. Wet n Wild Comfort ZoneDefiner – This is a very weird and unique color. It has a little bit of a gel-like formula so it’s also perfect as an eyeliner. It is a duochrome brown color with a green and purple sheen on it, very unique!
  3. Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow020 Gold n’ Roses – Oh I love the Liquid Metal eyeshadows by Catrice but unfortunately, they aren’t available anymore. This is just a very pretty and intense pink color. It has a cool undertone and it has pink and silver glitters in it.
  4. Essence All About Sunrise 03 sunrise – This is the most intens white color I’ve ever seen. I even have to be careful that I don’t apply too much. It has a golden sheen in it.
  1. Sephora It Palette NudeSo this is a bit of a mixture of grey and brown. It has a subtle cool toned shimmer, it’s very beautiful.
  2. Sleek i-DivineSTORM 578Perfect Storm – This is a very unique pink color. I own a lot of pink shimmery eyeshadow colors and this is one of the best. It’s a little bit rose gold, but it does have silver glitters in it.
  3. Sleek i-DivineSTORM 578Fire Storm – This is a purple/burgundy color with a purple/burgundy shimmer in it. It’s a color I’ve never seen before, it’s not like the usual burgundy colors. It’s a very deep and vampy red color.
  4. Sleek i-DivineSTORM 578Dust Storm – This is such a unique color. It’s a warm brown with golden and red glitters in it. You don’t see the red color very well but you see that it has a little bit of a burgundy ‘background’. Very beautiful on the eyelid!
  5. Sleek i-DivineSTORM 578 Gathering Storm – This is a color I haven’t used a lot yet but it’s such a stunning color. It is a grey/blue color with some grey/silver glitters in it. I should wear this one more often!

Here is a quick view of all the colors I mentioned:

Which color(s) do you like the most? And do you own any of these palettes or similar eyeshadow colors?

I hope you liked this blogpost. It’s a bit different than I normally do, but I thought it would be really fun to do. It’s also a good memory for me if I have no inspiration for an eyeshadowlook! I hoop to see you soon again.

Much love, Anne ♥


7 thoughts on “The most unique eyeshadowcolors I own

  1. Wow ! what a beautiful collection of eyeshadows you have. It must be hard to choose which one to put on each day…but I love it.
    In my eyeshadow collection I basically have all shades of brown, and then a grey and black.
    You are so inspiring Anne, and thank you for a lovely post. Have a great day. 🙂 x

  2. I LOVE the Naked 3 palette. It is my go to and has lasted me such a long time. Buzz I actually use as a highlighter in the corner of my eyes and Liar I do the same if I am doing a smokey eye. I love how different yet still versatile those colors are. <3

  3. Great post! Those Sleek i-Divine ones look so intense, like foils.
    Any eye shadow with duochromes make me so happy! One that I especially love is from Teeez, called Smokey Rose which is a grey base with a rose glitter flash… soooo pretty!

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