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November Obsessions

November Obsessions 2017 01

It’s time for a new monthly obsessions, yay! I know you’ve been waiting so long because the last one I did was back in July! It’s crazy to see that you are still reading and liking that blogpost, so I couldn’t wait longer to do a new one. I hope you enjoy!

November Obsessions 2017 05

Dr. Spiller Jojoba Peeling Cream *

This peeling cream has saved my skin in November. It is a really soft and gentle peeling that makes the skin appear more flawless and healthy after using it for a while. I did a whole review on it which you can read here, if you want to check it out!

November Obsessions 2017 02

NYX Full Throttle Eyeshadow Quattro in Color Riot

If you’re following me for a while now, you know I’m into cool toned colors for make-up, clothes and jewelry. This warm-toned NYX palette has been an exception for me because these colors are stunning. I discovered this palette in my collection and I’ve been doing the same eyelook for weeks now. If you want to check out how this eyelook looks like, you can see it here.

H&M EYE COLOUR-TO-GO in Fairytale

I’m not sure if H&M is still selling these pencils, but if they do: GET THEM. This is a champagne-colored eyeshadow pencil with a lot of glitters in it. It is super creamy so easy to apply and easy to blend. If you want to see it in action, read this blogpost!

November Obsessions 2017 04

Essence MATT MATT MATT lipstick in 02 PERFECT MATCH

This is that perfect better-than-my-lips shade with a touch of burgundy. It is flawless for winter if you want to wear a lipstick, but don’t want to go too bold!

Essence Matt Lipstick in 04 ON THE CATWALK!

This is the perfect dark red lipcolor with a cool undertone for winter. I know it’s not available anymore (maybe you can find a similar shade) but I had to mention it because this has been my go-to dark lipstick in November.

LIP SMACKER Coca Cola & Mentos

I was never really into lipsmackers because I thought they leave a weird color on your lips, but since I got these for my birthday, I’ve been obsessed with them. I really like the Coca Cola flavour. Every time I’m studying I put it on my lips and lick it off, LOL!

November Obsessions 2017 03

BENEFIT Hoola Lite Bronzer

It’s been a while that I’ve really seen the sun so I could use a little bronzer in November. This bronzer is literally to die for. The pigmentation, the color, the smell, the packaging: everything is perfect. If you’re looking for a high end bronzer and you are just as pale as I am, try out the Hoola Lite by Benefit!

Emani Pressed Mineral Blush in 1030 Ay Pappi! *

This is the perfect pink blush for a healthy blush on the cheeks! It’s a very light pink/mauve shade so perfect for those who are super pale, haha! It’s also a vegan product, so I’ll give extra points for that. If you want to see this blush in action and you want to get some blush tips, check out this blogpost.

November Obsessions 2017 06.png

My Instagram feed

In October and November I’ve been trying to get a fall-feed for my Instagram.I had never done something like this before, but I think it turned out super pretty! Are you already following me on Instagram?

November Obsessions 2017 07.png

Netflix Original Movie: A Christmas Prince

BEST. CHRISTMAS. MOVIE. EVER. If you have Netflix, go watch it immediately! I don’t want to spoil anything on here, but if you’re really into these cheesy, classic Christmas movies, this is one for you! Let me know what you think of it and maybe we can fangirl together!

*I got this product for free but I didn’t get paid to talk about it.

I really hope you liked this blogpost! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried or seen anything mentioned in this blogpost. I’d also love to know if you think I should do these obsessions-blogpost more often!

I wish you a lovely week!

Much love, Anne ♥



11 thoughts on “November Obsessions

  1. Oh my gosh! You’ve inspired me to watch a Christmas prince because my friend reccommended it me to last night! I think I’m going to watch it today 😁 It sounds like the perfect Christmas film! I love the look of that NYX palette, such nice shades. I’ve never used the hula bronzer myself but everyone raves about it! X

    1. YES, go watch it and let me know your thoughts on me (dm me on insta or something lol) I immediately saw it when it came out and I’ve been pushing people to watch it ever since. It’s such a typical Christmas movie, haha! If you ever get the change, try the hoola bronzer or maybe let the people at the store try it out on you. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it! xo

  2. I totally love your obsession posts, please do them whenever you are able to.
    I am a huge fan of Nyx , those shades in that palette are phenomenal. Essence lipsticks are great and I really love those colours. (I am currently using an Essence Lipstick no. 10 called Gamour Queen, but will go and see if I can get your obsessions) That bronzer sounds amazing !!! must see where that is available here. Great post my friend, as always. Have a beautiful week. 🙂 x

  3. Have you ever tried Lip Smacker in Dr. Pepper? Get it if you can! It is The Best ever. It gives my lips a nice reddish pink tint too. I have one in my purse right now!
    The Dr. Spiller Jojoba Peeling Cream sounds great. I’m slightly addicted to peeling gels… my skin feels so soft afterward!

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