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Empties November

November Empties 01.png

Today I’ll share the products I used up last month. There have been a lot of empty make-upproducts so I think this will be a fun blogpost to read! Enjoy!

November Empties 03

  • Yves Rocher Botanical Scrub -> This scrub does the work alright. The only thing I dislike is the smell of the product. I’m not very into the apricot scent. Repurchase? Probably not.
  • Etos Showergel Rose -> The showergel itself was bright pink and it gave such cool effect! I really loved the smell of this. I would definitely recommend it, if it’s still available. Repurchase? Yes.

November Empties 05.png

  • Nivea Micellair Cleansingtowels -> BEST. CLEANSINGTOWELS. EVER. Really, these are so good! I was already using the nivea micellair water, but I found those and they are just too good. Whenever I feel really tired in the evening, I use these and it completely cleanses my skin! Repurchase? YES.
  • DEMAKUP Cotton Pads -> Just regular cotton pads. They are nice and super cheap! Repurchase? Yes.

November Empties 02.png

  • Miss Sporty Studio Lash The Miaoww -> This is my go-to eyeliner. It is super cheap and it does the work perfectly. I haven’t tried a different eyeliner ever since I fell in love with this one. Repurchase? Already done.
  • Essence all about matt! fixing compact powder -> OMG, this is the first time every I finished a powder. This is my go-to fixing powder for everything! It is super cheap as well and it does the work it has to do! Repurchase? Already done.
  • Catrice Eyebrow filler Perfecting & Shaping Gel -> This is an okay eyebrow gel. It does keep the eyebrows in place all day. It does have a lot of product on the brush so you have to be careful with that. Repurchase? Maybe.
  • Catrice Glam & Doll Volume Mascara Waterproof -> I think I’ve mentioned this mascara a lot of times before. It’s just the perfect mascara for me! I’ll definitely recommend this to all people and to people with stubborn lashes like me. Repurchase? YES

November Empties 06.png

Okay, I finished 4 (!!) settingsprays. I know, it’s insane. They were all kinda empty at the beginning of November so I finished them all in one month!

  • Kiko Face Make Up fixer -> Not a fan of this one. This is more like a mist and it was already empty after 3 times of using it. I liked the feeling of it, but it was too expensive to finish so fast. Repurchase? Definitely not.
  • NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray -> I loved this settingspray this summer! I do have to say that my t-zone is very oily, so I’d prefer a more matte setting spray. If you’re going for that dewy look, definitely consider this setting spray! Repurchase? Yes.
  • NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray -> This is what I mean with a matte setting spray. This product is great if you have an oily skin or T-zone, just like me. I do have really dry skin on my face as well, and this setting spray doesn’t accentuate that. This setting spray is perfect! Repurchase? Already done!
  • Etos Long Lasting Make-up fixing spray -> This product is also lovely. The own thing I dislike is that I sometimes get full drops on my skin. That’s not what I want. Repurchase? Maybe.

These were all my empty products of the month November. I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost. Let me know if you want to see my empty products every month. 

There’s one more thing I want to talk about. I know there haven’t been much new blogposts on my blog lately. That’s because of my extremely busy schedule. I just started a new job and I have a lot of deadlines (and homework) for school. My job and school come before my blog, because blogging is a hobby for me. I do hope you don’t mind. I felt a bit sad because I had so many blogpost ideas. I hope I can make a couple Christmas-blogposts the upcoming weeks. I will definitely be active on my instagram, so make sure to follow that if you want to see more of me!

I wish you a lovely week & see you soon!

Love, Anne


4 thoughts on “Empties November

  1. I love these posts Anne, so yes I am keen for a monthly if you can do it. I find them really interesting and informative and certainly helps me get to know about other products out there or products I need to try. Thanks so much for this. Have a wonderful week ahead. x

    1. Oh yay. I really can’t always tell if people like these kind of posts. It’s the same with my Obsessions-posts, I’ve been doing both a lot and I’m afraid it gets boring! Thank you for your feedback. I’ll definitely think of doing this monthly! I wish you also a great end-of-the-week. xo

  2. Don’t worry about the blog posts girl, you do you. your schooling and work is more important and I’m sure all your readers will understand! 😌

    Also, those NYX setting sprays loook sooooo good omgg!!

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