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Holiday Outfit Inspiration

Today is my first blogpost of the Christmas-Countdown-Series I will be doing this week! YAY. I’m super excited because I have lots of cute blogposts coming up this week. So, let’s countdown together! Today, I’ll start of with some outfit inspiration for the Holidays!!

For me, the Holidays is definitely the time I like to dress up so these look I’ll be showing you will all be very chic and sophisticated. That’s just something I personally prefer. Let me know what you prefer to wear during the holidays down below!

The little black dress 

Dress: Pieces, Shoes: Van Haren, Thights: Primark, Purse: Cross

A black dress is always good for the Holidays. I paired them with some velvet high heels and you are super chic. This dress has some lace details in the front (which you probably can’t see) and a lower back. I love to make this look a little more exciting by putting on a bold lip. In this pictures, I used a very dark purple lipstick!

Not so girly

Blouse: Stradivarius, Skirt: Made by my mother, Thights: Primark, Boots: A local boutique, Watch: AliExpress, Bracelets: Made by my mother

I had to put this super cute skirt in this blogpost. My mom made this for my and I haven’t actually worn it yet. Unfortunately, you can’t see it very well but it is a dark blue skirt with a leather look. Super cool! I styled it with a black blouse and black boots. It’s for those of you who don’t like those super girly outfits. I really like this outfit! I also added a couple of bracelets to make it look a bit more elegant.

Christmas Tree Dress

 Dress: Costes, Shoes: Van Haren, Thights: Primark, Purse: Cross

I literally bought this dress 3 days ago and I am so in love. I called it a Christmas Tree dress because it is that green color. I really love this color. I don’t own any clothing of this color and I don’t know why. Anyways, I think it’s very appropriate for Christmas. Eventhough it’s a little bit more fun and playful because of the green color!

I hope I gave you some inspiration for your outfit for the Holidays. Do you already know what you are going to wear? Let me know in the comments! As I said in the beginning, I will do a blogpost every day of this week! Make sure you follow me so you don’t miss any of these blogposts! See you tomorrow!

Much love, Anne ♥


16 thoughts on “Holiday Outfit Inspiration

  1. Anne, they are all really so amazing. You look great in all of them. I love the idea of you liking to dress up in the chic and sophisticated look for the Holiday’s 🙂 Your mom is a star on the sewing machine! The skirt is lovely!. Green looks good on you. 🙂 and of course, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress 🙂 which by the way sounds lovely with the lace and lower back. I also love the bold purple lipstick – perfect.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post 🙂 Have a lovely day further. x

    1. Haha, I really love the skirt my mom made, but it’s already hanging in my closet for 3 months now and I haven’t worn it yet. Whoops. I didn’t know how to style it tho, I do really like the skirt. Thank you for your lovely comment. I don’t own any green clothes yet but I definitely have to try some more in that color. I also think it’s very pretty! xo

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