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Instagram 2017 Best Nine / The story behind the pictures

2017 best nine 01.png

Today, I’m doing a little recap on my instagram account in 2017. There is a website where you can enter your instagram name and it will show you the 9 pictures that got the most likes in 2017. I did that too and today I will tell you the story behind the picture!

So let’s start with giving you some more information about my instagram account and the year 2017. For those who are not following me on instagram yet, you can follow me here. My name on instagram is @beautybyadutchgirl, the same name I use for my blog. Throughout 2017, I got a total of 18,225 likes on the 177 pictures I posted! Which means I have an average of 103 likes per post!

2017 best nine 02.png

9. Michelle Doan (Founder & CEO of Emani Cosmetics) and I. Posted on Oct. 2nd, 146 likes.

This is such a memory for me! It was my first real collaboration with a make-upbrand ever. I got to go to an event and I got to meet the founder and CEO of the make-up brand! It was such a cool experience. We made this picture that day and I am super happy with it!

2017 best nine 03.png

8. My make-upcollection. Posted on Feb. 15th, 147 likes.

In February of this year I finally showed my whole make-upcollection on my blog! (read it here) Wow, this was such a milestone for me! Eventhough I’m not very happy with this picture, it does give me great memories!

2017 best nine 04.png

7. Throwback to my Christmas look. Posted on Feb. 7th, 147 likes.

This was actually a throwback at that time. Last year, I did a make-up look for Christmas. (read it here) I posted one of the pictures on instagram in February and it got a lot of likes!

2017 best nine 05.png

6. My everyday foundation routine. Posted on Jan. 11th, 148 likes.

Oh I just figured out a great foundation routine at that time and I showed the products I used to you. It still hasn’t changed much. I like this picture, even though the lighting could have been better!

2017 best nine 06.png

5. Makeup of the day. Posted on Jan. 22nd, 150 likes.

These make-up of the day flatlays used to be very popular back in the beginning of the year. I did a lot of them at that time! I really like this picture because I still use these products on a daily basis!

2017 best nine 07.png

4. Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Posted on Feb. 2nd, 151 likes. 

I wrote in the caption ‘my all time favorite palette’ and I still agree with that. I’ve been photographing this palette a lot since I got it and isn’t it super pretty?! I literally love ALL the colors in this palette!
2017 best nine 08.png

3. Sephora It Palette Nude. Posted on Jan. 15th, 161 likes.

So I have to say, I really like this picture. It’s not the colors I usually go for but I really really like how this turned out. And it got so many likes!! I wrote in the caption that I don’t use this palette a lot and that is still true. It does contain some beautiful shades so I should definitely use it more!

2017 best nine 09.png

2. My eyebrow palette. Posted on March 15th, 207 likes.

Really, how does a picture like this get so many likes? LOL. Anyways, I posted that picture with a little sadness because I use the brown color with the biggest pan for my eyebrows everyday. I thought it would’ve been empty very soon. Believe it or not, it’s still not empty and I’ve been using the color almost every day!

2017 best nine 10.png
1. Make-up of the day. Posted on April 12th, 209 likes.

I almost didn’t post this picture. I didn’t like the lighting and the placement of the products. These are definitely three of my favorite palettes I own. I really love the ABH palette for eyeshadow, the sleek palette for highlight and the catrice palette for my brows. This is definitely a wonder trio!

That’s it for my instagram recap of 2017. Thank you all for liking, commenting and following me there. I recently reached 1k followers on instagram and I couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t have done it without all your support. So thanks again! Oh, make sure to leave your insta name in the comments so I can follow you! You can also DM me on insta if you’re from my blog (or not)! See you tomorrow!

Much love, Anne ♥



13 thoughts on “Instagram 2017 Best Nine / The story behind the pictures

  1. These photos are all lovely, Anne! You wouldn’t be a beauty blogger if the bulk of your photos weren’t of makeup haha 😉
    I’ve also just followed you on Insta! My username is angwooly 🙂

  2. This is such a great idea 🙂 Anne, well done on doing so well on your Insta. I am not surprised though, you are an absolute star, your posts, pic’s and information is always outstanding. Have a wonderful day. 🙂 x

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