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First Time Trying Fake Eyelashes

Fake Eyelashes 01

It’s already the third day of my little Christmas-Countdown-Week. Today, I’ll tell you all about my first experience with fake eyelashes. I had the wild idea to try them last weekend and I made some pictures for you!

Eventhough I really love doing make-up, I never really tried fake lashes before. I always felt like they were too heavy and too fake for me. I watch a lot of beauty gurus on youtube and they use fake eyelashes all the time, so I really wanted to give it a go as well. I am always struggling my lashes. They never do what they are supposed to do. So I really hope that fake eyelashes will be the perfect solution for me.

I bought the cheapest and most natural-looking fake eyelashes in the drugstore. The lashes came with a little bit of lash glue.

Before I put them on, I watched a lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to put fake eyelashes on. They always show me that the lashes have to fit the shape of your eye. These lashes were a little to big so I cut a little bit off.

I saw that you have to put the glue on the lashes itself, wait for 30 seconds and then put them on your eyes with your fingers or a tweezer. I also saw that you have to start with putting them on the inner corner and work your way to the outer corner. After applying the lashes, the glue will dry and you won’t see or feel it after a while.

This is how it looked like directly after I put them on. It took me like 20 minutes and 20 times to put them on. It was a disaster actually. I was really frustrated after they were finally on. I’m not used to fake eyelashes so it was a very weird feeling on my eyes. That feeling disappeared after like 1 hour. It was super annoying that the lashes were too long and constantly touched my eyebrows.

Fake Eyelashes 01

After 1 hour, you can still see the glue and the lashes already came of in the inner corner of my eye.

What did I like about fake eyelashes? It looked kinda cool and it was fun to try out. I think fake eyelashes will look really pretty at party’s and if you can put them on correctly.

What did I dislike about fake eyelashes? It took me forever to put them on. The lash glue was annoying. They looked very fake. My own lashes didn’t blend in with the fake lashes, even after curling them both together. The lashes came already (partly) of after 1 hour. I really felt them on my eyes and I felt them touching my eyebrows.

I don’t think I will wear fake eyelashes soon again. I got really frustrated after using them. I think if I practice more and if I become good with them, I could wear them more often! What are your opinions on fake eyelashes? Do you wear them often? Let me know in the comments down below.

See you tomorrow! Much love, Anne ♥


6 thoughts on “First Time Trying Fake Eyelashes

  1. I’ve never tried fake lashes for the same reasons as you. After reading about your experience, I’m still not keen to try them haha! They seem too much of a bother, but it could be fun to try at least once 🙂

  2. Oh Anne, I tried fake eye lashes once awhile back….Never, never again, seriously 🙂 I have no patience. I fiddled to try and get it done right. The glue annoyed me. It was just a pure frustration for me from start to finish. I really do not think I will attempt fake lashes again.
    I bought this Lash – O – Matic from Wet n Wild. It’s a mascara and fiber Extension kit. I quite like this idea for when I go out. 🙂 x

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