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Beauty products I regret buying

I decided that it was time to share some products I don’t like and that I actually never use anymore. I did a make-up version of this blogpost before, and since you all liked that a lot, I wanted to do a beauty version as well.

These are all the products I bought to try out or I thought they were nice in the beginning, but I didn’t like it after using it for a while. So I hope you enjoy it. I know, I probably should have thrown them all away but I have still the feeling that a miracle would happen and that I would like them again. Anyways, make sure to comment if you have tried any of these products and let me know which products you regret buying!

ISANA Dry Shampoo for normal hair

Isana is the brand of the German drugstore Rossmann, for those of you who didn’t know. At the time I bought it, I really needed to find a new dry shampoo. I can’t life without dry shampoo. I use it almost everyday and I wanted to find a cheaper one that is also good. That’s why I bought it. In the end, it doesn’t do anything for my hair. It only makes the hair look grey and greasy.

Bilou Slushy Apple Caring Foamcream

When I was at the drugstore, I saw this product. It is a foam/cream. It looked so good, and weird at the same time, that I had to try it out! I love foam products and I really hoped I would love this one too. Unfortunately, the apple scent is very very sweet and the foam is very sticky. I’m not very into it and I feel like I’m candy when I put it on!

Balea Hand Mousse with Aloe Vera and Avocado Oil

Speaking of foam, I thought this was a foam hand soap, but it isn’t! It is just a hand cream/mousse and I was so disappointed when I found it out at home. I also don’t like the smell of it and the cream is very sticky!

ISANA Deospray Exotic Spirit

I needed new deo’s this summer and I bought 3 cheap ones at Rossmann, with smells I really liked. That is the only thing I like about it, the smell. It has this amazing peach smell. This deodorant doesn’t do anything else then smelling nice. The smell isn’t strong enough to keep the sweaty smell away. I also tend to even sweat more when I put that deo on. Is that possible?

Treaclemoon The Raspberry Kiss hand & body lotion

This has a raspberry scent and it is so sweet again! It is in a very handy, small bottle. I bought it to take with me in my bag, but I never do that. When I put it on my hands, I feel so uncomfortable because of the smell, lol.

Ariana Grande perfume in Sweet Like Candy

Okay, this one was unexpected, right? I love the Ari version of this perfume, it is my favorite perfume ever! That’s why this perfume is on this list. I don’t like it as much as the Ari one. I expected a lot of this product, but it is not a great perfume for me. It is to sweet and it is more of a ‘regular’ smell. I feel like it is not unique enough.

Those where all the beauty products I regret buying. Did you expect it? And do you have any beauty products you regret buying? If you haven’t seen my make-up version of this blogpost already, you can check it out here. I am thinking of making a make-up version of this blogpost again, would you like to see that? Anyways, I hope to see you soon again!

Much love, Anne ♥


7 thoughts on “Beauty products I regret buying

  1. When I was in school everybody was obsessed with the Treaclemoon handcreams. I used so many of them but they do smell really strong and now I don’t like them anymore, was a school thing xx

    1. Thanks for sharing! Some friends of mine in high school were obsessed with the shower creams. I think they do smell quit nice so that’s why I picked up this hand cream. Such a bummer that it smells so sweet!

  2. Too bad about all these products not working for you! It’s good sometimes for us to read about the things that don’t perform as expected instead of reading all the raves. I have eyed the Ariana Grande perfume in Sweet Like Candy before because of the packaging!

  3. I enjoyed this Anne 🙂 . I find it so frustrating when I buy and then realise that it just isn’t as nice as I had hoped. I also hope for a miracle that I will grow to like the product… Now, I find I am not so impulsive as I was in the past. I end up saving money by not buying on impulse….and I do a ton of research before buying, trying to add up the pros and the cons.
    I personally haven’t seen or tried any of the products you have posted on this post.
    One beauty product I bought was a cleanser from Woolworths, Cruelty Free, the product is exactly as it said it was, but it was more my fault as I really wanted more of an exfoliating cleanser.
    Have a great day ! 🙂

    1. I totally agree with you. I also hate it to be disappointed in a product! I hope we can help eachother by making these kind of blogposts to prevend buying a product!

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