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Quick Review: Primark Sweat Resistant Powder

Today, I’m writing a review about something very exciting (and mindblowing). I’m testing out the Primark sweat resistant face powder, from their new Perform Hydrate Reform (PHr) collection. I was super curious about this product when I saw it at Primark. Are you as curious as I am?

As you may already know, Primark recently came out with a new make-upcollection called the PHr-collection. It’s mainly focused on wearing make-up while sporting or while you know you’re going to sweat throughout a day! I really wanted to try it out if it also works for oily skin! Let’s see if it works for that!

The powder costs €3,50 at Primark. The product contains 10 gram/0.35 OZ powder! I don’t think this is very expensive and I really hope it works!

This is how the packaging looks like. It reminds me a little bit of the packaging of the essence compact powders. Do you know what I mean? They look very steady and very clean, nothing special! I do love the holographic PHr letters! Great way to make it look a little more attractive!

Now a better look at the powder! You can see it is just a white compact/translucent powder. It looks very normal. One thing I hate about this powder that it smells terrible. It smells very chemical! I figured out that once it’s on your face, it doesn’t smell as bad anymore!

Now it’s time to swatch it! I only took one little swatch and that is the color pay-off. It’s insane and it scares me a little bit, because I don’t want it to be white on my face! The formula feels very good. It feels super soft and silky, so that is a really good thing!

You can see the ingredients of the product here! Talc is the number one ingredient and I have read several times that it isn’t the best for your skin. It can dry out your skin and it can make your pores look bigger. I haven’t had these problems yet, but I just wanted to give you this information!

I tried it out

I don’t have pictures of me trying it out, because you can’t see a big difference on the camera. I tried it out three times, before I wrote this blogpost. I have to say, it isn’t very different than the powder I normally use. (I normally use a very cheap compact powder from essence.) I liked the powder, it is good as a normal powder, but it wasn’t sweat proof for me. I have to walk to school for 20 minutes, and I can get a little sweaty. I saw the powder greasing a little bit, so it isn’t fully sweat proof. I also started to shine after 4 hours. I haven’t tried it out while sporting, but maybe it works better then. I will let you know through Instagram stories once I tried it out while sporting! (my Instagram)

I really hope you liked my blogpost. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the new products from Primark and if you have any recommendations.

Much love, Anne ♥


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    1. Thanks a lot! I am also a fan of loose setting powders, but compact powders are a great option to take with you in your bag! xo

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