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How I decorate my planner!

I started decorating my planner a couple of weeks ago. I’ve always been creative with washi tape, but that’s all. I really wanted to do something more with my planner. That’s why I started creating collages in my planner! I’m not very creative or good with drawing or something, so I really like to make it very easy and not very perfect. These collages are very fun and not time consuming to do!

I got a little bit inspired by Diana from disfordazzle and Maris from CreaChick. They make both collages in their bullet journals and I really liked how it looked. So I started experimenting with it as well! This is the planner I have:

I got this planner in a Dutch drugstore called Kruidvat. They collaborated with Diana from disfordazzle with a whole stationary set. I got this planner for only €0,50, which is incredibly cheap! It is actually a really small planner, so I can easily take it with me. I also like the lay-out of it. The only thing I dislike are the books on the right side of the page. Unfortunately, every single page of this planner looks the same so these books are also on every page!

I always start with writing my most important appointments and dates in my planner for that week. I also fill in the week and the month. I do have a color code for all my dates, as you can see, school is a pink pencil!

Then it’s time to gather everything I have to use for my little project. I always use a pair of scissors, glue, a pen, a black fine liner, stickers, washi tape, a couple of pictures and different kinds of colored paper! I wanted to make a bit of a travel and spring theme this time. So I gathered specific pictures and colors for that!

This is all I got! All my washi tapes are from a Dutch store called Action. I got the stickers on the left from Bruna, the green paper with the white dots is also from Action, the Empire State Building sticker is from AliExpress, the pictures are from Pinterest and the other paper is from a magazine. If you want to see which pictures I use for my planner, you can follow my board on Pinterest.

It’s time to place it all together. This is always the hardest part, because I have an idea in my head, and most of the time it doesn’t work out as I want. I’m always puzzling a lot with all the pictures and the different background papers. This is how I liked it. When I have it all figured out, I start gluing everything onto the paper!

When I have everything glued on the paper, I always put some washi tape on the ‘open spots’. I also doodle a little bit and I make a couple of frames around the pictures. I also added a little paper with ‘wander’ on it. By the way, as you can see, I always make sure that the colors come back on the whole page. The color theme of this week is light green and light blue!

What do you think of it? Did I inspire you a little bit to decorate your planner as well? Let me know in the comments down below! Let me also know your Pinterest boards so I can follow you, because I’m always looking for new pictures! See you soon!

Much love, Anne ♥


2 thoughts on “How I decorate my planner!

  1. You are so creative Anne. I really like the way you are decorating your planner. You are so organised, it is amazing! I tend to always have these ideas in my head for decorating and so forth, but I am such a procrastinator and then it just never happens. Washi tape is awesome hey 🙂

    1. Washi tape is my go-to decorating item I use for my planner, it’s so quick and easy and there are so many colors and patterns! Thanks for your kind words, I hope I inspired you to decorate your planner or bullet journal or whatever you use!

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