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Life Update: School is going very well!

Heyhello friends! I’m talking about my life today! It’s been a while, so I need to talk on here about how I’m doing, how school is going, how the blog is going and what kind of things are going on in my life!

I’m currently looking back on the other life updates I’ve down, and the last one was in June last year. Whoops, I have done a talk-blogpost this February, so you can check that one as well if you’d like that.

As some of you know, I’m currently studying Finance & Control. I’m in my second year and until last month, things weren’t going very well with my study. I wasn’t passing my exams and I hadn’t complete my first year (Propedeuse) yet. As the perfectionist I am, I couldn’t justify this to myself. Why wouldn’t I pass these exams? I felt like even the people that weren’t the best in my class, would pass more exams than I did..

I felt a little depressed and I was very grumpy this period. I also need to mention that my university is 2 hours away from my hometown, and I’m travelling almost every day to my university. It was always dark when I went to my university and when I went home.

The exam weeks started. I was very nervous because I had to pass one last test to complete my first year. I just had to pass it, because I studied very hard for this test. After making it, I felt super relieved. It went better than all the times I made the test before. I heard very soon that I passed the exam. I was so happy that I finally made it!

After that exam, everything else went also very well. Even though I’m always a little depressed during the exam weeks, I got my motivation back and I was ready to study for my next exams. This weekend, I got the result of my last exam back and I can finally say that I passed all the exams I made during these weeks. (yay!!!)

I just feel so happy that school is finally getting better and that I don’t have to stress so much anymore. I feel like I don’t have to study all the time during this last period before summer. I know I’m already through to the third year of my study and that makes me feel more relaxed. Yes, I will still try to pass my exams, but I will not I will not get the studying in the way of my social life and my sleep anymore.

I also want to enjoy the good weather during this days. The weather is currently so well here in The Netherlands and I feel like I need to enjoy that. I also want to work a little more, focus on my upcoming internship and do more for my blog! I feel just so motivated and I have faith in my study again!

Well, I just had to sit down and tell you this story, because you are all such a big part of my blog. I feel save to tell you this all and I also feel a little bit relieved towards you guys! I just needed it to get of my chest. I hope you don’t mind that this is not one of the typical blogposts I post on here. Anyways, I’d love to know what you are currently studying and how it’s going. Let’s get the conversation started!

See you soon! Much love, Anne ♥


Ps. I’m looking for some guestbloggers, please send me an e-mail if you’d like to make a blogpost for my blog!



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