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Review: Weleda Colour Lip Balm

Hi guys, today I am doing a review on a totally new product. I’m reviewing the Colour Lip Balm by Weleda! Weleda is known for their skincare products, but they are bringing out some make-upproducts as well this year. I’m doing this blogpost in collaborations with Absolutely Anna, so definitely check out her blogpost as well!

I want to put a little disclaimer on the beginning of this post. I got this product for free, but all my opinions are my own!

So let’s start with the actual review! I’m reviewing the Weleda Colour Lip Balm in the color nude. This lip balm is very caring, but the lady of Weleda told me that it also has a little color for to make it more of a make-upproduct. It comes in three colors: nude, rose and berry red.

This is how the packaging and the product itself looks like. I love this packaging. I think the flowers on the front look very cute and it is cool that the packaging has a whole nude-style! The product isn’t super big, that’s something I like, because I can throw it in my bag very easily!

A quick look at the ingredients. I’m not a pro in knowing all the ingredients, but I see that there are a lot of oils in this product. I also saw that there is perfume in this product. It seems like the lip balm is really caring!

The product contains 10 ml and it’s about €5 to €6, depending on were you’re buying it!

A quick look at the applicator of the product. You have to press on the product and there will come a little balm out of the product. This is something I dislike about the product. I had to press very hard before something came out. I also couldn’t get it evenly on my lips, while using the applicator. I prefer to push a little bit of the product out, and apply it with my finger!

On the left side you see the lip balm when I apply it with the applicator, on the right side you see the lip balm when I apply it with my fingers. I really like the shine it give but the coverage isn’t very well. I don’t mind that since I just wanted it to give a little bit of a nude touch on my lips!

This is how it looks on my lips. (sorry for the blurry picture) You don’t see it a lot, as I said, it doesn’t have a good coverage. You can see the shine it gives on my lips. I totally like that!

My overall opinion is positive. I like how it looks on my lips, I like the color and I like how it feels. What I dislike is the application, I had to press really hard to get a product out! I hope you liked my little review. Make sure you check out Actually Anna’s blogpost as well. She is reviewing this product in the color berry red!

Much love, Anne ♥


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