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Review: Emani All-in-One Brow Cream

Hi everyone! Today, I am reviewing another product from Emani! It’s an All-in-One Brow Cream and I’m super excited to try this product out! I normally use eyebrow powder, I’ve never used a cream before. So, I am super curious how this works!!

A little disclaimer before we start: I got this product for free. I don’t get paid to write about it. All my opinions are my own!

As I said before, I am reviewing the All-in-One Brow Cream. I have it in the color 411 Medium Brown. This is how the packaging of the brow cream looks like:

This brow cream contains 12 mg/0,42 oz of product. It costs €26,20.

You can also read the directions of the product on the packaging. The product is vegan, made in the USA, toxin free, recycled, organic, cruelty free and you can use it until 24 months after opening it.

Let’s take a look at the inside of the product:

My first opinion was that it looks quite dark and warm. I was a little bit sceptical when I got it, because I really thought it wouldn’t be my color.

I do really like the packaging of this product. I like that they put a little mirror inside and I think it looks like a very chic and expensive product! It is also very solid, so I could easily take it with me in my make-up bag.

The brow cream doesn’t smell bad. I tried to smell it, but it barely has a scent. That’s a very good thing in my opinion!

Let’s see some swatches:

I swatched the product with a very thin triangle brush and a bigger one. I already like the formula! The swatches are very even and very pigmented, although the color is a lot less dark then it looks like in the packaging! I have good hopes for it!

Now, it’s time to test it on the eyebrow itself. I searched for the description, and this is how they say how to apply it:

Using a brow brush, light dab into brow cream, start from the mid-saction of the eye brow and create your arch. Use smaller brush strokes and fill in the eye latter half of the brows, then without reloading the brush, fil in the inner brows.

It also says that it’s a powder, gel, pencil , and setting wax all in one waterproof formula. A long-wearing formula that illuminates, shapes, and creates a fuller-looking brow.

As I told in the beginning, I’m not used to using a cream for my eyebrows, so I will following the description of the product. This is how it came out:

Left: Before, Right: After

You can definitely see a difference. I have to say that this isn’t my best eyebrow, but that is probably the lack of skills I have haha. I really like the soft appearance of my eyebrows. The color is a little bit to light for my preference. I also have to say that I had to dip a couple of times in the cream for this result, but that could also be the brush I used.

Overall, I really like this product! It goes on very smoothly, it has a nice packaging and it works very easily (for a starter using a brow cream) Unfortunately, the color isn’t really the perfect color for me, but that doesn’t matter a lot because I could use it in combination with a darker powder. Oh, and it stays on very long. I almost forgot to mention that! My hairs stayed in place the whole day and it even looked very good after 8 hours of wearing it. I would definitely recommend this!

I hope you liked this blogpost! Have you ever tried an eyebrow cream before? What is your opinion about it? Also, have you seen my previous blogpost with Emani yet? You can see them here: foundation, concealer & blush

Love, Anne ♥



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