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Review: Ps… NUDES Lipstick Collection

Heyhey! I’m doing another exciting review today! I’m reviewing the Ps… NUDES Liquid Lipstick collection by Primark. They recently came out with a lot of new collections for their beauty section. I couldn’t resist to buy this liquid lipstick package and review it on my blog. So I hope you enjoy!

This is how the lipkit looks like. I bought this at Primark and it costs €8, so €2 per liquid lipstick. If these all work very well, it would be a very good deal! I really like that Primark is coming out with these look-a-like collections. This one is inspired by KKW Beauty.

Since I couldn’t re-upload a pictures with numbers for the liquid lipsticks, just imagine me numbering them from top to bottom from 1 to 4. The full name of this kit is: PS… Matte & Gloss collection, as you can read on the back of the packaging. All 4 liquid lipsticks contain 10 ml / 0.33 Fl. Oz. of product.

Let’s take a little look at the applicator and the swatches. The applicator is a small liquid lipstick / lipgloss applicator that I don’t hate. One thing I dislike about it: it’s a very long applicator, so that makes it harder to control the applicator.

In the right picture, you can see the swatches of all the liquid lipsticks. Not bad, right? It’s again in the same order as the other picture. So 1 – 2 – 3 – 4. They were very easy to swatch on my arms. The first 2 colors don’t have as much coverage as the second 2 colors, because the first 2 are glossy and the second 2 are matt.

Now, let’s take a look of them all seperately:

  1. Shimmery pink and golden high shine lip gloss

Primark is calling the whole kit, a liquid lipstick kit, but this one is actually a lipgloss. It is a very intense glittery lipgloss. When you see it, it looks pink. But if the light hits the lipgloss, you will see the golden glitters. I feel like this is a little bit too much for me. It has too much glitters and it is also very sticky. I wouldn’t wear this one again!

2. Warm toned brown nude high shine lipgloss

I think it’s actually wrong of Primark calling this a liquid lipstick kit. Anyways, here is another lipgloss. This is a shiny, warm toned brown lipgloss. I like the fomula of this one. It’s not too sticky, it doesn’t have any glitters in it and the finish looks nice. The only thing I dislike is the color, because it does give good coverage on my lips (as you can see). It made my face look very pale.

3. Mauve matte lip cream

Yes, finally a liquid lipstick! This one was very easy to apply. Eventough I couldn’t control the applicator very well, it turned out pretty good. I do have to say that it helped that this color isn’t to bright. I like the formula and the finish of this liquid lipstick. The color is again, a little light for me. That bothers me, because I am very pale myself. I don’t think this color will look good on a lot of people, because it would be to light for a lot of people.

4. Light berry matte lip cream

Finally a lipcolor that I like. It has the same formula as number three, so that is good. I do like the color a lot more. It seems perfect for my skintone and I just like this color. It is quit neutral as well. It would look very good with a lot of make-up looks.

So my overall opinion isn’t very good. I ended up liking only 1 liquid lipstick, the others just didn’t have the right color. Too bad, because this could have been such a good deal! I would say, that if you like these colors, you should definitely buy this lipkit. The formulas are good and I really liked how they look on the lips.

So that’s it for today. I hope you liked reading this blogpost! Have you ever tried any of the Primark make-up and do you have any recommendations?

Let me know in the comments down below!

Love, Anne


7 thoughts on “Review: Ps… NUDES Lipstick Collection

  1. Try to use darker lip liner, that’s how I make pale liquid lipsticks to work better. It’s a shame that they aren’t that good because packing is so pretty. xx

  2. ah! The things we do in order to review! Buy those lipsticks without knowing how they look on us! So much effort to bloggers and youtubers.. . The money and time we spend on those companies and their products! I do think that the first gloss does look really good on you, so if you ever have the patience of the stickiness try to wear it again. The last matte one does really compliment you so much, so…you know..maybe you can say that 8 euro for a lipstick….if you compare it to high end prices then you still got your money worth!

    1. Yes, haha! But I really hoped that these liquid lipsticks would look good on me!! I like the last one a lot as well, eventhough the application is very difficult. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Toffe review! Ik heb hier nog altijd niets van uitgeprobeerd. Iets houdt mij altijd tegen :p. Blij dat je deze review gedaan hebt. Ik zou hem al zeker niet oppikken. Ik vind inderdaad ook enkel de laatste kleur mooi… xoxo Sarah

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