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Review: Sens en Provence Facial Scrub

Hey everyone! I’m back with a new review and this time I reviewed a skincare product. It’s a Facial Scrub from the french brand Sens en Provence. It’s been a while since I did a skincare review, but I totally enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy it too!

Before I begin, I have a little disclaimer. I got this product for free at the Beauty Trade Special Event where I went a couple of weeks ago. I got invited by Florint, a company that also distributes Emani Makeup and Dr. Spiller. I’ve done a couple of reviews for them before, as you probably know. I’ve always been a fan of the products so I hope this one is as good as the others!

A little backstory of Sens en Provence. A french woman started biological vineyard in the french Provence. The idea came to develop biological skincare products together with a pharmaceutist. They use Olive Oil, Lavender, Honey and plant vegetation from Provence in their products. The skincare line was introduced in 2017 and Florint is the official distributer in the Benelux.

So the product I got is the Sens en Provence Vine powder Facial Scrub. What I immediately saw was the gorgeous packaging of the product. Not only the box looks very clean and nice, the jar of the scrub looks even nicer. It is made of glass and the lit is made of wood, I think. On the top you see the logo of the brand. I see a S and P in the logo, I don’t know if that’s meant to but it looks very nice!

The product comes with a little applicator, to get the product out of the jar. I prefer to just grab it with my fingers!

These are the ingredients. I am not the best with ingredients, but I do see a couple of oils in the product. It also contains alcohol and parfum, so that’s may be good to know for some of you.

The product contains 50ml / 1,6 fl. oz. It is Made in France and you can use it until 07/2019 or 6 months after opening it. The product costs €38, which is an okay price if the product works well!

Here’s a little extra information on the box of the scrub. That sounds very good to me, since I have a lot of pores at the moment and I love a smooth skin. It also tells you how to use this facial scrub. I have used it for a couple of times, exactly the way it tells you on the box and I will tell you what I think about it in a second.

This is how the product looks out of the jar. The formula of the scrub is made with vine shoot powder. These are a little more chunky than the formula of the Dr. Spiller Peeling. I do like this ‘bigger scrub’. The smell of the product is also really good. I’m not sure what the smell is, but it smells very fresh and it smells like nature, haha.

My opinion

After using it a couple of times, I feel like my skin has improved a bit. I don’t have a before and after picture, because you can’t see a difference on a photo. My pores feel a little more clean directly after using it. I’ve used it about 5 times now, so I am starting to see a little result. I am very excited about the result after using it a lot more. By the way, I use it once per week.

So, I was wondering. Have you ever heard about this brand? Or have you ever tried this Facial Scrub? I’d love to hear your opinion about it. Also, make sure to check out Sens en Provence’s website, because I probably forgot to share a lot of information on this brand!

I hope you enjoyed it and I see you soon!

Love, Anne ♥


3 thoughts on “Review: Sens en Provence Facial Scrub

  1. I love your blogs, Anne! 🙂 Great photos, especially of how it looks on your skin.

    I haven’t heard of the product; however I don’t think Polysorbate 80 is so good for you. Something to be aware of, love.

    Many blessings to you… lovely to reconnect.

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