Guestpost by Laura: Ride or Die Tag

Today, I have a very special and exciting blogpost. It’s the first one of a series where I let other people share their favorite (ride or die) make-upproducts! My friend Laura is the first one to blog about her favorite products, so I hope you enjoy it! If you don’t know what the Ride or Die Tag is, you can watch this video where it is all explained!

Hey peepz! I am Laura and I am 18 years old. I live in a little town in the eastern part of The Netherlands. I finished high school last year and now I am a freshman at the AKI ArtEZ University of Arts. I am studying Crossmedia Design, that contains photography, typofraphy, designing, communication and a lot of other things! I totally love it. I also have a blog myself that I update with the things I am working on for school and some other work I did by myself. If you like it, you can check it out here:

I have a passion for traveling. I think it really increases your horizon and your general knowledge. It is beautiful, just like make-up. Being busy with doing my make-up with some good music in the background makes me happy haha. So let’s go to the point, two weeks ago I came back from New York. If you would like me to do a guestpost on my trip (Anne approved it already!!), I can write a post about that! What an incredibal and unbelievable city is that!! So of course I went to Sephora. I was so overwhelmed that I thought, “What do I need the most?” and “What can be a ride or die product?”. I ended up thinking that I needed to buy a brow gel. Luckily, there is a perfect eyebrow brand that would help getting me what I was searching for. Benefit. They recommended me the Benefit Gimme Brow and until now I totally love it! Anyways, here are my ride or die products, hope you enjoy it!

Benefit Gimme Brow Browgel

This is the product I was talking about. I use it now for four weeks and I do not know why I did not buy it earlier! It is perfect to make your brows a little darker in a natural way because give the little hair of your brows a color, so it does not fill it totally in. I use number 2, that is not a very dark one but good enough for my brows. I have dark brown hair so I think it is better to use a slightly lighter one than a color that is to dark.

Alien by Thierry Mugler

This is my favorite perfume! It is the scent Alien by Thierry Mugler. Now I hear you guys think that this is the package of Angel, also by Thierry Mugler, and yes, that is correct haha. I went to the shop to buy my first bottle of Alien because I wanted to buy myself a birthday gift. Sometimes you need to treat yourself, right?They only had the little bottles left and I wanted a bigger bottle. So they gave me a bigger bottle of the Angel perfume that you can refill. So in the end I had an Angel bottle, filled with the Alien perfume. About the perfume itself, it is a heaver smell than a normal daytime perfume. The smell is a combination of herbs, flowers and nuts. Perfect for daytime, but also for a party or a dinner!

I Heart Make-Up Death By Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is the very best! I swear this is perfect for a daytime look, for a nighttime look, for something soft or for something darker. It has 16 different shades and all of them are beautiful and very useful. The shades of the eyeshadow are nude with a teint of purple and gold. You can create different looks with the shades and it always looks amazing. This is my totally favorite and it is not even that expensive. The fact that this palette is a chocolate bar makes it even better haha.

My daily make-upproducts

From left to right: Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control PowderCatrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage ConcealerEssence Lash Princess Volume MascaraCatrice Brow-N-Eyed Peas Eyebrow PencilCatrice SunGlow Matt Bronzing PowderRevolution Baked HighlighterGarnier SkinActive BB Cream Light

These products are my daily routine products and it took a while before I found the right products for my skin. These products are totally not expensive, so they are super great to use everyday. They will give you a perfect glow and a fresh face for the day. I love them!

I hope you liked my guestpost on Anne’s blog! If you liked it and want to hear or see more about me, you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Blog. I would totally love to connect with you! See you next time!

Cheers, Laura


Ps. I hope you liked this blogpost from Laura! If you also want to write a guestpost for my blog, make sure to contact me trough e-mail (it’s in my contact-page). ♥


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