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Why I love sending postcards..

Making friends that don’t life near to you is fun, but it is also difficult to keep the friendship alive. We have a lot of possibilities to stay in contact with social media these days, but that doesn’t always feel as real as it used to be. Let’s take Snapchat as an example. I really like the concept of snapchat and sending pictures of my life to my friends. But most of the pictures I send are to 10 to 15 people at once. And that’s OK for me, but that also means that you treat everyone the same. I have that with Facebook and Instagram too. I use WhatsApp a lot, and that is a little more personal, but it’s always on your phone!

To make the friendship a little more personal and to feel a little bit more connected, I started sending postcards a couple of years ago. I started sending them to friends at home when I was on a holiday, just for fun to give them a little souvenir of the place I went. By the years, I started meeting people that don’t necessarily live near me. Sending postcards to them gives a personal touch to the friendship. You can’t write endlessly on a card, which means that you really must think about what to write. The message must be clear within a couple of sentences, while you could write endless messages via for example WhatsApp.

I also like to sometimes make a postcard for someone. That’s what I did with the ones on the photo. I just discovered how fun it is to put fabric on a postcard, it just gives a cool effect. By personalizing the postcard for every single friend, you have something fun to do on your free Sunday afternoon. And let’s say, who doesn’t like to receive a cool personal postcard what a cute message in it?

Love, Anne ♥

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