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Journal with me: Bohemian Rhapsody Movie

Today I’m sharing one of the pages I recently made in my journal. I actually started this journal a couple of weeks ago, because I wanted to be creative. I used to decorate my planner but I don’t use a planner since I keep an agenda in my phone. I will talk you through the steps I take to set up a page in the blogpost and I’m giving you some useful tips at the end for if you want to start a bullet journal!

So, I went to the movie Bohemian Rhapsody last weekend, a movie about the band Queen and Freddie Mercury. I kept the tickets we got as a reminder and as a personal touch to my journal. That’s where the idea of a Queen-page came from. I searched for some Queen & movie inspired pictures on Pinterest. (you can find my pinterest inspiration board here)

I cut all the pictures out and I start to place them in the way I like. This is the rough sketch I’m doing. It always will turn out a little bit differently. I’m also thinking about certain background colors or if I want to put some washi tapes or stickers in the back! I prefer a full page so I don’t want to see a lot of ‘white spots’ in between the pictures! So now it’s time to glue down the pictures the way I want!

After I glued everything down, it looks like this! I don’t want to have so much ‘white spots’, so I’m starting to decorate it with some little doodles and lines! I love to draw frames around some pictures or write something down. I will also look for some little stickers to fill up the the open space. I found a cute little postcard that has similar colors as I used on the page, and I used it to write something down about the movie and about my experience. I put some washitape at the end to make it flip, so you could also see what’s underneath!

Some useful tips for starting a journal or for making a journal page:

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself, if it’s perfect, it won’t always be as personal.
  • Be messy! I think if you’re a bit messy, it will show that it’s handmade!
  • Make sure some patterns or colors come back several times on your page, to keep it together.
  • If you can’t draw well (just like me) you can always print drawings from someone else and color them in. I usually print drawings from Pinterest.
  • If you want to give a personal touch, add something extraordinary, like I did with the movie tickets. You could also post a picture of yourself or something else. Make sure it won’t be too thick so it won’t ruin your page/journal!
  • If your handwriting is not super pretty or if you’re not very good at handlettering, you can always type something or find words on google in a nice style and print that out!

I hope you got some inspiration out of this. I really enjoyed making this page, it’s such a great memory. I think Bohemian Rhapsody might be my favorite movie of this year! I would like to discuss it with you in the comments or on my social media (you can find the links in the end). I hope you enjoyed watching this! Do you have a (bullet) journal?

Much love, Anne ♥


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