Heyheyhey everyone!!!! Today is an excited post because, I reached 800 followers a couple of days ago. Yay, I couldn’t believe I would hit this milestone so quickly!!

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My goals for this summer ♥

(source) Hey friends, welcome back to my blog. Glad to have you here! To start of with something fun, my summer vacation has (officially) started! Well, I have to do-over some exams (booh) but I can already enjoy a bit of the summer!

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My blog has a Facebook Page!! ♥

I made a page for my blog on Facebook yesterday and I’d love if you check it out! If you have any tips to make this page more attractive, let me know! This is a link to my page: www.facebook.com/beautybyadutchgirl Hope you like it! Love, Anne ♥ Facebook, Instagram & Twitter


200 followers, Oh My God!!!

Oh my God you guys! I reached the 200 followers on my blog! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Thank you all so so much for following me and for all the support and the sweet comments. I really like blogging and it’s so amazing to get great respond on it! Thanks! Love, Anne ♥ Facebook, Instagram & Twitter