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MAY in instagrams ♥

Hi everyone, can you believe it? It’s already the last day of May! This month went by so fast!! I want to share all my instagram-posts of the month May today, eventhough it wasn’t a really good instagram-month for me. Anyways, I hope you like it!!

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My blog has a Facebook Page!! ♥

I made a page for my blog on Facebook yesterday and I’d love if you check it out! If you have any tips to make this page more attractive, let me know! This is a link to my page: Hope you like it! Love, Anne ♥ Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

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Contact me!! ♥

    Hi, I am still a little bit new here so I would like to inform you how you can contact me.   My instagram is: @beautybyadutchgirl My e-mail is:   You can write me in English or in Dutch (hi I’m from the Netherlands!!) Have you seen my My first blogpost! ♥? You can… Read More Contact me!! ♥