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My Victoria’s Secret collection ♥

Hi friends and welcome to my blog! For about two years ago I was really into the Victoria’s Secret fragrance mist’s. Everytime I saw them, I wanted to buy one. So, I’ve got a little collection of them. I’ve used them a lot now so there are a couple almost empty!

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Make-upcollection 2017 // Wrap Up

Hi everyone. Glad to have you back on my site! In February and March, I showed you my whole make-up collection. I separated this series in 5 blogposts and I’ll be showing you a summary from all these blogposts today. So if you’re curious, definitely keep on reading!

Make-up, Stash

Make-upstash #1: Face powders ♥

Hi everyone! I’m FINALLY making this blogpost. I will be showing you my make-upcollection. Well, only a part of it. I store my make-upcollection in an organizer, with 5 drawers. I will show you 1 drawer every week! I hope you’ll enjoy it!