Where I was in January

Hey you, welcome to my (new) blog! How are you? Today, I will tell you a little bit of what happened in January and why I was absent. I also want to inform you a little bit about my plans for the upcoming months. So keep reading if you are interested!!

Life Update, Uncategorized


Hi everyone. Last night there was a fire around our house and I want to tell you a bit about what happened. First, I didn’t know how and what to write it, and what the title would be, but I think I wrote it pretty good eventually… 


Empties (December ’16 + January ’17)

Hi everyone! I have been trying to collect my empty products in December and January so I can show you what I had been using a lot. It worked out a bit, because I accidently throw away a couple of things before photographing it. I hope you’ll enjoy this blogpost!


Netflix Tip ♥ #1

Hi guys. I´ve been watching Netflix a lot lately. It´s getting cold outside and it´s raining a lot here in The Netherlands. So I rather be sitting inside and watching Netflix than going outside. I´d like to share my favorite Netflix series, today!


Beauty Wishlist Fall 2016 ♥

       Hi y’all!! I would like to share my beauty wishlist with you today! There is a new season comming what also means that a lot of brands are comming with new products. And I am ofcourse super curious for some of these products! 🙂