Christmas in Münster

Kerstmarkt Münster 2017 04

I just realized that Christmas is already here in 4 days!! YAY. I’m still counting down on my blog and it has been so fun these last days! Today I’ll be sharing you a lot of pictures of the Christmas Market I recently visited!

Germany is very famous for its cute and cosy Christmas Market. Since I live very close to Germany, I get to visit at least one Christmas Market there. This year, we went to a city called Münster. The town was completely decorated in the style of Christmas and it was even snowing which made it even more magical. My mom and I had an amazing time there and it got us really into the Christmas spirit!

I can really appreciate the effort they put in the decorations. For example the santa, that was totally built with LEGO!!

There was also a part of the Christmas Market before the church of Münster.

Münster Arkaden (Mall of Münster) It was totally decorated with lights and trees and it was so magical!

Even the stores were all decorated!

Walking through Münster in the snow. Unfortunately, you can’t see the snow on the pictures but it was definitely snowing that day!

Doesn’t this look magical in the dark? It was also still snowing at that time. This was amazing!

Kerstmarkt Münster 2017 13

We ended up having dinner in a cute cafe, that was also decorated with Christmas lights. The whole town was screaming Christmas, haha, I loved it. It totally got me in the Christmas spirit. I definitely think I’ll go to Münster next year again!

Have you been to a Christmas market yet? And are you already having Christmas feelings?

Thank you for reading and I see you tomorrow!

Much love, Anne ♥