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Make-up Wishlist Spring 2018

I’m finally doing a wishlist again! It’s been more than 1 year since I’ve done a wishlist-blogpost, so it’s about time I do a new one! I’m going to mention some (new) make-upproducts that are on my wishlist for the spring of 2018.


Make-upproducts I regret buying

Today, I’m talking about some make-upproducts I regret buying. I’ve gathered a couple of products together that I thought were very beautiful in the beginning, but I have never actually used them. In this blogpost I will tell you why I never use them!

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Quick Review: Primark Sweat Resistant Powder

Today, I’m writing a review about something very exciting (and mindblowing). I’m testing out the Primark sweat resistant face powder, from their new Perform Hydrate Reform (PHr) collection. I was super curious about this product when I saw it at Primark. Are you as curious as I am?

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Beauty products I regret buying

I decided that it was time to share some products I don’t like and that I actually never use anymore. I did a make-up version of this blogpost before, and since you all liked that a lot, I wanted to do a beauty version as well.