#MakeupMusthavesChallenge Day 17


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Day 17: Limited Edition. This is one of my favorite blushes. It’s the ‘Moon Dust’ face powder from Kiko and I think it was from the Christmas collection in 2015. It is super pretty. It is a dark pink blush with a warm undertone and golden glitters.

What is you favorite ‘Limited Edition’ product?

Love, Anne ♥

5 thoughts on “#MakeupMusthavesChallenge Day 17

  1. Hey, I have this blush from Kiko, I received it in a swap. I have the shade Fairy Mauve and it’s lovely!
    My favourite limited edition product is a blush too, it’s from MAC and called Prime and Proper – I have such worry that I’ll use it up (haha, I will likely never ever finish it) that I tried finding a dupe for it:
    Yes, I have a lot of blushes, but you already knew that! 😉

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    1. I love the blushes from Kiko, their always so unique! That Prime and Proper one looks good and those dupes too. I’m also always scared I will finish a product that I really really like! 🙂


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