DIY ♥ Summer Paintings

DIY Summer 05.jpg

Hey you, welcome back to my blog! Glad to have you here today, because you’re going to witness something exceptional!

Okay, I’m not a creative person. Yes, I can be creative with make-up but I’m totally not creative with other things! So, yesterday, I decided to be creative! I’ve been painting two paintings with a summer theme! I’ll tell you how I did it in this blogpost. I hope you like it!

DIY Summer 01

What do you need?

  • Something you can paint on
  • Brushes in different shapes (I used one big brush and a couple of smaller ones)
  • Paint (of course)
  • Something to mix the paint on
  • Water (to wash the brushes during the painting)
  • I also used some papers to cover up the table!

Before I made these pictures, I already drew on the letters on the painting canvas. (you can probably see it on the picture above)

So, after that I mixed the paint in the colors I wanted and I started brushing it on the canvas.

DIY Summer 02

It started to look a bit like that. I made it messy (because I couldn’t make it clean, haha) and I made sure that it has a beautiful ombre-effect!

I also added a couple of paint splatters on both. You will see that in one of the following pictures. I let it dry overnight and the next morning I started painting the words!

DIY Summer 03DIY Summer 04

Which looked a bit like this!! This was actually kind of hard. I had to draw straight lines and that took me a lot of time!

After drawing thin lines, I made them a bit thicker. You always need to start thin, so you can always make it thicker! (same with eyeliner lol, I think you all will get it!)

DIY Summer 06

You can also see the paint splatters I made on this picture! I really liked these quotes for summer, don’t you? It was actually quite fun to made this paintings. I finally got to do somethings creative, beside doing make-up! I let this dry for a couple of hours before I put them somewhere else!

DIY Summer 05

Yey, done!! I hope you liked my first DIY here! What do you think of the end result? Hope you all have a wonderful week!

xoxo, Anne ♥


51 thoughts on “DIY ♥ Summer Paintings

  1. I’m surprised you think that you aren’t a creative person, because these paintings are really good. I love the background colors you did on both of these paintings, and I’d have to say taht the Summer Lovin’ painting is my favorite of the two!

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  2. Anne those came out awesome!!! I love what you chose to write on them both, and the color tones you chose are perfect!! I always say how I need more decor and wall art but whenever I go out and shop for some, its either A. Too expensive or B. I don’t like the quote but duhhh I should just make them myself!!!! Awesome summer project and suggestion!!!

    xo, JJ

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    1. Thank you so much, Jenny! I really like them as well, because I could choose my own themes! I always feel the same with you, I normally don’t like the quotes on it! Making these paintings by yourself is super easy and really fun for when you’re bored or something! xo

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