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Heyheyhey everyone!!!! Today is an excited post because, I reached 800 followers a couple of days ago. Yay, I couldn’t believe I would hit this milestone so quickly!!

This was one of the goals I had for this summer (My goals for this summer ♥) and I already reached it! It’s insane how many followers I gained in the last couple of weeks without even doing much. My current tally is already 834 followers!! Thank you for that!

Since I’ve already reached this goal, I want to update it! I hope to reach 1k followers this summer. I know, this might be a hard one, but I really want to work for it. I want to post 3 blogposts a week (which is also a goal for summer) and I want to be more active on my social media. With all your help I know I can reach this goal!! (maybe not this summer, but I hope this year)

So, I want to thank you for all your support. It means a lot. I’ve got to know so many wonderful bloggers, makeup enthusiast and other people through blogging. It’s insane how many people clicked the ‘follow-button‘ on my blog. I hope many people will join!

So, thank you all and I hope to see you soon!

xo, Anne ♥


47 thoughts on “800 followers!! ♥

  1. YAY!!! CHEERS to 800, although I’m sure its more than that now since I’ve a few days late 😉 You deserve all the love and support because you and your blog are so fantastic! I’m happy to have found your blog ❤ ❤

    xo, JJ

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