Favorite nailpolishes for summer ♥

Summer nailpolish 01

Hey you, welcome back to my blog. One things I definitely love doing in the summer is polishing my nails. Today, I’ll let you know my favorite colors of nailpolish to wear in the summertime!

There are a few categories of colors I love to wear in the summer: pastels, bright colors and metals. I hope you can find some inspiration in this blogpost! Let’s go.


Summer nailpolish 02

  • Essence I♥Trends (01 walk on the white side) -> This is a not-too-heavy white color with a little bit of a pink pearl color in it. When I wear this one, I look instantly more tanned!
  • Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer (81 My Yellow Fellow) -> This one is a bit tricky. When you’re wearing ‘extreme’ colors, definitely put on a basecoat first. (yes I made that mistake and I had yellow nails) This color is so fun for summer, it looks like you have the sun on your nails!
  • p2 crisp + color polish (020 peach icing) -> This is a special nailpolish, when you put it on your nails and it is totally dry, it doesn’t feel smooth but you feel the crisps. It has a fun effect. I love this color a lot, it just looks so much fun on your nails!

Bright Colors

Summer nailpolish 03

  • Kiko Power Pro Nail Lacquer (Nr 82) -> Blue like the see, isn’t that a great color for summer. Definitely a go-to summer color for me!
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel (210 Pretty Piggy) -> Sally Hansen might be my favorite nailpolish-brand for my toe nails. Literally, they stay on so long. You need to have a topcoat for these polishes as well, but you don’t need a lamp. They also have fantastic colors. This one might be my favorite one for the summer!


Summer nailpolish 04

  • Kiko Pastel Metal Nail Lacquer (Nr 151) -> This one is super fun for a summer party at night. It is a chic color but it also lets me think about those cosy summer nights!
  • Catrice Brown Collection Nail Lacquer (03 Goddess Of Bronze) -> Isn’t this the best brown/dark red color for the summer. It looks amazing on your toe nails, my sister is currently wearing that and it looks stunning. She actually bought this color not long ago. Can’t wait to put this on my nails as well!

I really hope I gave you some inspiration to polish your nails now, haha. What are your favorite colors for summer? And do you have a favorite nailpolish-brand? Definitely let me know in the comments below!

Much love, Anne



13 thoughts on “Favorite nailpolishes for summer ♥

  1. Favourite colours are definitely pastel colours- always enhances the tan. Metals are also cool, gives more of an edgy summer vibe. I love the sound/ look of the Catrice Goddess of Bronze nail polish, I’ve not heard of that brand before x

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