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Heyhey everyone, happy October!! It’s already the end of summer, yay, autumn is coming! Today, I’ll be talking about my summer goals, did I reach them? You find out soon!

If you want to read the summer goals blogpost I wrote, you can click here. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Blogging goals:

  • Post 3 blogpost every week. No, I didn’t reach this goal. I was super uninspired this summer and I was actually quite busy with work. So I didn’t reach this goal, too bad. But I think I did put up some really cool blogposts this summer!
  • Post at least 1 picture on instagram each day. When I posted the blogpost, I kept up with this ‘goal’ for 1 week. Then, I got really busy and I didn’t make it to post 1 picture a day! I did post some cool pictures of my holiday in Italy on my instagram, you can check it out on my instagram here.
  • Find out how Pinterest works and be really active on it. So I did find out how Pinterest works, but it’s not my favorite social media. That’s why I wasn’t very active on it as well!
  • Follow more blogs and connect with more bloggers. YAY, finally a goal I did achieve! I found some really cool blogs and bloggers over the summer, and I did get some new blogging-friends as well!
  • Doing more fashion-related blogposts. OMG, I totally forgot this one actually. I haven’t done a single fashion blogpost this summer, but I am definitely planning on doing a couple in the autumn! So stay tuned 🙂
  • Reach 800 followers on WordPress. When I wrote the blogpost, I had 749 followers on WordPress. Now, I have 1149 followers. I am so excited, thank you all for following me! I made a blogpost about my 1k followers-achievement, you can read it here.
  • Reach 900 followers on Instagram. YAY, I recently reached this goal and I was so happy. Are you one of my instagram followers yet? (if not, follow me here)
  • Gain some more followers on Pinterest. I reached this goal as well, but I haven’t been active at all as I described before!!

DIY Summer 05

My other goals for this summer:

  • Learn to speak Italian. I haven’t learned it the way I wanted, but I did learn a little bit of the language. I went to Italy on a holiday, and the locals taught me some words in Italian. I also learned some new words of the menu’s in the restaurants, haha. I hope I get to learn the Italian language before my next trip to Italy 🙂
  • Get to know Excel better. Uh, also didn’t achieve this one. I was just too lazy to get the books and study the program. I have an Excel class next semester so I might learn a little more about the program soon.
  • Doing fun stuff with friends and family. Yes, I really did some amazing stuff with my friends and family this summer. Here are a couple of highlights:

I went to Amsterdam with my mother!

Fittingroom 💃

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I went to Eindhoven with my sister!

One of my favorite pictures I made in Italy. It's a look on the garda lake at Peschiera del Garda 💕

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I went to Italy with my family!

And I went to one of world’s most beautiful parks in Italy, with my mother!

  • Doing sporty things. LOL, I haven’t done a lot of sporty things this summer. I went to the gym a couple of time with my father or sister. Like 3 times or something, haha!

This was my summer 2017. I really accomplished a lot (especially for my blog) and I had a really amazing holiday! How was your summer? What was your highlight of the season?

I wish you all an amazing autumn!

Much love, Anne ♥

9 thoughts on “Recap ♥ Summer goals

  1. You really did accomplish a lot during summer, and you really did some fun stuff !
    Anne, I am useless when it comes to accomplishing goals which I set for myself…I battle even to accomplish what I should in a day, even with a list when it comes to my personal stuff.. My mind just goes in overdrive and does it’s own thing. This is something I am striving to work on.
    Anyway, I think you have done great. Well done 🙂 Have a wonderful week ahead and Happy October 🙂 x

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    1. I am glad I got to accomplish some things this summer and I definitely did some amazing things! I also struggle with the ‘everyday-things’ to accomplish, I’m really lazy actually. I know how you feel and I am also trying to work on it. Let me know it when you find the solution, haha! Wish you also a wonderful week ahead Lynne! xoxo

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  2. It sounds like you had the most amazing summer and achieved so much, I’m happy for you. Gosh your followers really climbed high in such a short amount of time, congratulations. I can’t wait to see more blog posts from you 🙂

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  3. I enjoyed these photos what a beautiful trip. My sis has the same learn Italian goal because her husband told her he won’t take her on a trip unless she learns it, it’s at tough on though!

    Also, you’ve been nominated for a lovely blog award. Check it out on my site whenever you want. No obligation to respond though.😊

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