Make-upstash #5 Masks, packages and big palettes


HI friends! It’s already the last make-upstash blogpost from me and I’ve enjoyed it so much! I’ve got a lot of sweet comments on all my make-upstash blogposts and I want to thank you all for you enthusiasm. Today, I’d like to show you the 5th drawer of my make-uporganizer. So if you’re curious, definitely keep on reading!

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Make-upstash #3 Lipproducts, Browproducts, Eyeliners & Testers


Hi everyone! We’re already halfway through this make-upstash-series. I hope you all still like seeing what make-up I own. I’d like to show you the 3rd drawer of y make-up organizer today! So if you’re curious about what I store there, keep on reading!!

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