Can I Use My Old TiVo Box In Another Room?

How can I watch Virgin in another room without a box?

How Can I Watch Virgin In Another Room Without A Box?# Use an RF Demodulator.

Use an RF demodulator and plug it into the SCART socket of your TV Box.

# Infrared Extender.

You will also need an infrared extender.

# HDMI over Cat6 Extender.

Using an HDMI over Cat6 extender, you may also connect your local to the remote TV..

How do I connect two TVs to one cable box?

Connect the cable receiver box to the main cable line in your home through the receiver’s input port. Attach another coaxial cable to the output port on the receiver. Connect the cable’s other end to a two-way splitter or multi-port switch, depending on how many TVs you are connecting.

Do you have to send your Virgin box back?

Do I need to return my Virgin Media Wi-Fi router or TV box? Virgin Media loans you the equipment for the term of your contract. Depending on how long that has been and how old the router or TV box is, they may or may not require it back. They will notify you and send prepaid packaging for any returns of equipment.

Can I use my old TiVo box without subscription?

Though TiVo digital video recorders require subscriptions for full functionality, TiVos can be used without a subscription. Without a subscription TiVos won’t be able to access updates to its program guides. This keeps users from scheduling recordings. … If prompted to subscribe to TiVo service, decline to do so.

How do I watch my TiVo box in another room?

Select the Virgin TV V6 or TiVo box you want to watch from (in our example, select the living room box, where you had been watching the show). Press OK. Then choose the show you want to watch and press OK. Select the recording and press Play to pick up where you left off.

What do I do with my old virgin box?

This means that customers who have old Virgin Media equipment, that we can’t redeploy, can take it to their nearest electrical waste recycling centre where it will be disposed of in a responsible way to it can be reused and recycled for other products.

Will my virgin box work if I cancel?

Re: If I cancel my Virgin TV contract will I still be able to get Freeview with my V6 box? We get this time and time and time again. The answer is no. VM will ask for the return of the V6 box or they will charge you for it.

Is TiVo still a thing?

These days, being able to pause, rewind and record TV seems almost unnecessary — thanks to the Internet and massive leaps in set-top box technology. But for a time, digital video recording company TiVo reigned. … Yes, 10 million people are still using TiVos.

Can you run 2 TVs off 1 Virgin box?

Re: Connect 2 tvs to one Tivo Box You can then just run a standard Co-Ax cable to your second TV.

How much is a 2nd Virgin Media box?

Virgin Media multi-room Customers get a second Virgin TV V6 box for free. Those with the Full House, Mix and Player bundles can get an additional V6 box for £49.95 plus a £20 activation fee, plus a £7.50 a month subscription.

How much is multi room with Virgin Media?

Multiroom. There’s also the option to plump for additional TV boxes (five maximum) via Virgin Media’s multiroom service with prices starting at £7.50 extra, per box, per month and an activation cost of £49.95. Although additional activation costs may apply to those taking more than one extra box.

Can you have 2 TiVo boxes in the same house?

That’s up to you. But remember, to stream recordings from one box to another using multi-room streaming you’ll need two TiVo boxes. And if you want to watch our HD channels, you’ll need to activate your box for HD and have an HD ready TV.

Do you need a TiVo box for each TV?

Once connected, the Mini finds the TiVo DVRs on your network. Then, you point it to the one you want to attach to. Each DVR can support up to 10 Mini boxes at a time. However, for each Mini, you have to surrender a tuner on the host DVR for watching live TV, which means you lose it for recording.

How much is a second Virgin Media box?

Virgin TV V6 box is free to new customers taking their first Virgin TV V6, but the £25 set up fee applies. New VIP customers get second Virgin TV V6 box for free (plus £25 set up fee). Additional Virgin TV V6 boxes are available for £99.95 plus £25 set up fee plus £7.50 per month.

Will Virgin Media box work without contract?

If you’ve got both Virgin Media fibre (not copper) broadband and TV, you’ll be offered a free upgrade from your existing TiVo box to Virgin Media’s latest V6 box without the need to re-contract your existing deal or pay for activation.