Does Hotmail Automatically Delete Old Emails?

Does Hotmail delete emails automatically?

Any emails older than a month get deleted periodically.

Outlook 2007 Auto Archive is set not to archive any messages in the inbox folder so do not think this is it..

Will Outlook automatically delete old emails?

Stop Outlook from auto-deleting emails in specified folder If items are removed automatically from a certain Outlook folder in a regular period, such as appointments and meetings are deleted automatically every month, it may be caused by AutoArchive.

Why does Hotmail keep deleting my emails?

Emails deleted from Hotmail account – the most common cause Thus, when the account is checked via the webmail interface, the emails appear to be deleted. They are, however, very much residing on your computer; please open Mail to check this up.

How far back does Outlook save emails?

The default period for your Draft and Inbox items is six months, and three months for your Sent Items, but you can change these periods using the Clean out items older than option.

What happened to Hotmail email accounts?

Hotmail accounts are now migrated to This web application has already new features and services that helps users manage emails through the web. … Your Hotmail email messages, contacts, and calendars should be still intact there once you recover your account.

How do I stop Hotmail from automatically deleting emails?

Here are the steps to stop your emails from getting deleted.Click on Deleted Items.Click the email that was wrongfully deleted.Click the 3 dots on the menu bar (…)Click stop ignoring.Repeat for each email.

How long does Hotmail keep emails for before deleting them?

120 daysHotmail – 120 days. After an account becomes inactive, all messages, folders, and contacts are deleted, but the account name is still reserved. If the account stays inactive for an additional 90 days, the account name may be permanently deleted.

How do I delete old emails from a certain date in Hotmail?

It was originally a hotmail account. Scroll to the date where you want to start deleting emails. Click on one email, hold down the Shift key, press the down arrow on the keyboard. Continue pressing the down arrow until you have several hundred emails checked.

Does Hotmail archive old emails?

If you want to archive your sent messages, you’ll need to select the Copy Message To Sent Folder check box each time you compose a new message on your Web-based Hotmail account. … When you do, the messages will actually move from the Hotmail Inbox folder to your hard disk.

Can I retrieve old Hotmail emails?

Hotmail/outlook deletes all emails after a period of inactivity (3 months I think) and locks the account so that no new mails are accepted. When logging in again, you can activate the account and it will work from now on. All previous mails are lost and cannot be recovered.

Why are my old emails disappearing in Outlook?

Usually, when Outlook emails have disappeared, it could be an issue of configuration in your settings, account inactivity, email rules set up on Outlook, and emails moved to a deleted folder, your account may be hacked and the mail deleted, or the Conversation Threading feature is turned on.

How long do emails stay in archive?

30 daysYou can find archived messages by using Gmail’s search function. Messages addressed to a group of people can return to your inbox if someone on the address list replies to the original. The Delete action moves the selected message to the Trash area, where it stays for 30 days before it is permanently deleted.