How Long Does It Take To Level WoW Classic?

How long does it take to level in vanilla wow?

It depends on how you played but if via nothing but quests with instance quests (lots of traveling) and no grinding, a good estimate would be a few hours to level 10, an hour per level to 20, 2-3 hours per level to about 40, and then 3-4 hours per level until 60..

How long does it take to max level in WoW?

four hours and 17 minutesA player known as Gingi managed to hit 120, the game’s max level, in just four hours and 17 minutes. This is something that took closer to six or seven hours for other fast players thus far, putting Gingi and his group of two others in the lead by almost a full two hours.

Are Timewalking Dungeons good for leveling?

Of course, normal dungeon spamming is still a viable strategy, but with Timewalking on the board, you can easily take your alts up to level 120 in less than a day. This is considering that Timewalking dungeons are much faster and easier than most BfA dungeons.

Is questing faster than Dungeons BfA?

Fastest way to level is questing with warmode on and heirlooms. If you don’t want warmode on, then dungeons would just about be even with questing so long as you only do random dungeons with quests and don’t get put into a long one. So either way questing is faster.

Has anyone hit 60 in WoW Classic?

When World of Warcraft Classic launched on Monday, so did a grueling marathon to become the first player reach the level cap of 60. And now, after 79 hours of almost continuous grinding, killing, and questing, a player named Jokerd has claimed the crown.

How long did it take Jokerd to hit 60?

three days and seven hoursJokerd, a 22-year-old from Malta, created a gnome mage and hit level 60 in three days and seven hours – streaming the entire thing on Twitch.

Who was the first level 60 in WoW?

Streamer JokerdTVStreamer JokerdTV has become the first player to reach the maximum level of 60 in World of Warcraft Classic. It took the player less than 4 days to achieve the feat, after grinding virtually non-stop since its release on August 26.

Is questing the fastest way to level in WOW Classic?

Questing. For the vast majority of players, questing will make up almost all of your World of Warcraft Classic leveling time. You won’t get massive amounts of EXP per quest, but when tackled in batches, they’re far more rewarding than just killing mobs alone.

How long does it take to level from 1 to 120 in wow?

80 hoursSome players can drastically lower that time, but it’s still an extremely long experience. For new players with no items or knowledge of what to do, leveling from level 1 to 120 can take nearly 80 hours. At BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard announced major changes to leveling experience — to go along with the level squish.

How long does it take to get to level 60 in WOW Classic?

It takes anywhere between 5 days to 14 days or more of game time to level to 60. If you don’t follow a guide and just go with the flow, you are looking at 10 days plus. Or 240 hours.

Is questing or dungeons faster for Levelling?

Dungeons and islands were quick doing quests with auto pilot between queues! Dungeons are only efficient if you have the end of zone quest for them, otherwise they’re mostly a waste of time. … Questing is still the fastest, and it will take you 7-10 hours depending on spec if you’re trying to go fast.

How did Jokerd hit 60?

Jokerd is the first play to reach level 60, a feat which drew a sizable audience on Twitch. Jokerd pulled off the achievement by spamming area of effect attacks on mobs, a technique that has been improved over World of Warcraft’s vanilla release due to new server architecture.

Can you power level someone in WoW?

Basically, no. If your character is 10 or more levels higher than your friend, then they will receive next to no experience for any content you run them through. Since your friend is brand new to the game, I would second the suggestion to simply start a new character and level with him.