Question: How Do I Change Customer Group In SAP?

How do I change a vendor group in SAP?

Changing the account group of Vendor / Customer Give the Vendor/Customer number & Press enter.

You will get a screen with the company codes & purchasing organisation details in which this vendor is created.

Select the relevant Company Code & Purchasing Organisation for which you want to change the account group & Press enter.More items….

What is group chart of accounts in SAP?

In SAP, the Chart of Accounts (COA) is defined at the client level and assigned to each company code. It is a list of General Ledger account’s master data that fall under different account groups of a company code. This grouping mechanism helps to develop better financial reports. Types of Chart of Accounts.

Where is the account group of a customer in SAP?

4 Answers. Enter the customer number in XD03 and click enter. Once the screen displays the customer name go to dropdown extras–> Administrative Data. This will give you the account group and the creation date of the customer.

What is customer group SAP?

Customer account groups in SAP are used to classify customers into business partner functions that fit best the nature of the business transaction. … It determines the role of a customer and customer master data. When a customer account is created, it is assigned to a certain account group.

What is customer grouping?

Customer grouping is when resources are organised around groups of customers with similar needs. Allows for services to be tailored to each group of customers or a specific customer.

How do you create a group in SAP?

User Group creation and assignment to users in SAPEnter the SUGR T-code in SAP Easy Access Menu.SUGR will take you to a screen, enter the desired new User Group and click on create icon as show in the below figure.Enter the user ids and give description then click on user group has been created.More items…

How do I find a customer group in SAP?

sales area data–>Sales , there under sales order tab you will get customer group. Actually customer group is a 2 digit key which identifies group of customers….for Ex.

What is group account number in SAP?

SAP account group has a four-digit alphanumeric code and serves for organization of G/L account master data based on specifications on how G/L account master data to be defined. …

What is vendor group SAP?

A vendor account group is a classifying feature of vendor master records in SAP ERP. … Interval from which a unique number is assigned to a vendor. Whether the number is assigned by the user (external number assignment) or by the system (internal number assignment)

How do you define a number range for vendor account group in SAP?

Step 1 : – Enter SAP transaction code “OBAS” in the SAP commend field and enter. Step 2 : – On change view “Assign vendor account groups – number ranges overview screen, click on position button and enter vendor account group key in the given field, so the vendor account group key displays on top of the screen.

How do I change my group in BP SAP?

Choose an existing Customer BP. Open the Customer: General Data tab in display mode. Press the “Maintain Acc Grp” button which is beside the Account Group Field. This will redirect to the account group change functionality.

How do you account groups in SAP?

How to create Account Group in SAPStep 1) Enter T Code “OBD4” in the SAP command field and enter.Step 2) On change view “G/L Account Groups” overview screen, click on new entries to maintain the accounts.Step 4) After updating the details, click on save button.

What is vendor code?

In the University’s FRS System, a vendor code is an 11-digit number that is assigned to a vendor that dictates the address to which the remittance will be mailed. … All vendors must have a Taxpayer Identification Number that has been assigned by the Federal Government in order to obtain a Vendor Code.