Question: Is It Weird To Tell A Girl She Smells Good?

What does it mean if someone says you smell good?

When we say “You smell good,” here’s what we mean: …

We mean you smell sophisticated, and a little dangerous, like you know things we don’t but want to..

What does it mean when a guy notices your perfume?

When a guy compliments your fragrance, does that mean he is attracted to you? … He may just be expressing an objective truth, that he likes your perfume, but he would have to be pretty dense to not realize it could be construed as flattery.

What does it mean when a guy smells your hair when you hug?

If a guy has an emotional attachment to someone they’re attracted to they will unintentional smell your hair when you hug them. They wouldn’t grab your hair and shove it up their nose, just a sly sniff to immerse themselves in your scent.

Why do I like the smell of my boyfriends armpits?

The pheromone or body odor of the opposite sex is a natural secret weapon to lure a partner. If you like to enjoy smelling the underarm odor of your boyfriend, you are not alone, many people do that too, it is natural way to show your body odor addiction, smelling armpit odor of your boyfriend.

Why do guys smell like poop?

Answer: Bromhidrosis, body odour or BO occurs when skin bacteria get their hands (or comparable bacterial body parts) on proteins that are excreted when you sweat. … Other substances, from food or the body’s own processes, can be released from the skin and also smell bad, sometimes like poo.

How do you tell a girl she stinks?

What you do instead is compliment her when she smells good. Have some playtime in the shower and tell her you love the smell of her body wash — put your face up to her just-lathered neck and inhale deeply. Make soaping her up thoroughly part of the fun (and, of course, have her soap you up thoroughly too!)

Is it rude to tell someone they smell?

Spending time around someone with body odor is definitely disagreeable. Deciding to tell someone there’s a problem is positively cringe-inducing. … If you find a stranger’s aroma offensive, you really don’t know what’s up, and it’s not your place to interfere.

What does it mean when a guy smells your neck?

If it was someone who is attracted to your perfume then they might ask this but if it is followed by a close sniff of the neck then there is a certain intimacy involved . This could signal a sexual desire .

How do you respond to smell good?

5 Ways To Respond When Someone Tells You That You Smell Nice1. “ Thanks” … Do nothing. If he’s able to read the room, your silence would let him know that that was a kinda weird thing to do. … “It must be all those perfume shots I did at the bar last night.” … “Thank you. … Handle the situation in the worst way possible by crushing the young man’s spirit.

Why did he smell my hair?

Your hair is a big part of your general scent. The closer he is to that scent that he is already familiar with, the more he may want to breathe in the smell from its source. The source of your scent may be in your hair or he may think it is. … Your hair would give him the best place to take in as much of it as possible.

What does it mean if a girl says you smell nice?

It can mean she likes your cologne/soap you use, or whatever, but it can also mean that she’s turned on by the way you smell. … If she says you look, smell, feel good, she might be saying she thinks you’re sexy, without being too upfront, especially if it’s a first date.

Is telling someone they smell good flirting?

Some people feel niceness often gets misconstrued as flirtation. If you just want to compliment someone on their smell, frame it in such a way that they know it’s not all that deep and you really just mean that they smell good and there’s nothing more to it.

What does it mean if a guy says you smell nice?

If he’s just said it to someone he his friends or acquainted with then it was just a compliment about how much he likes her perfume etc. It’s a subtle sexual compliment hinting at desired intimacy. You don’t have to touch someone to appreciate their odor.