Question: What Animal Has 3 Letters In Its Name?

What is the weirdest animal name?

The 12 Weirdest Animal NamesThe Screaming Hairy Armadillo.

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The Penis Snake.

The Paradoxical Frog.

The Pleasing Fungus Beetle.

The Angora Rabbit.

The Raspberry Crazy Ant.

The Chicken Turtle.

The Ice Cream Cone Worm.More items…•.

What is the name of baby animals?

Baby Animal NamesAnimalBaby NameCatkittenCattlecalfCheetahcubChickenchick, pullet (young hen), cockrell (young rooster)155 more rows

What animal has 2 letters in its name?

As Dana Anderson advises us, that name is AARDVARK. The word is derived from the Afrikaans language descriptive Erdvark – earth [erd] – pig [vark]. While it superficially resembles a pig, its taxanomic relationship with that family of animals is vanishingly distant.

What animal has the most letters in its name?

Parastratiosphecomyia sphecomyioides is a species of fly in the soldier fly family. Its Genus name comes from Ancient Greek, meaning “Near Soldier Wasp-Fly”, with its species name meaning “Wasp Fly-like”. It is considered to be the animal with the longest scientific name.

What animal has 3 hearts?

Little wonder, considering they are a bit unusual. The giant Pacific octopus has three hearts, nine brains and blue blood, making reality stranger than fiction.

What animal has 7 letters in its name?

Animals – 7 lettersResultsInstant LookupGerenukW O DGiraffeW O DGluttonW O DGorillaW O D154 more rows

Which is longest animal?

Heaviest living animalsRankAnimalAverage total length [m (ft)]1Blue whale24 (79)2North Pacific right whale15.5 (51)3Southern right whale15.25 (50)4Fin whale19.5 (64)6 more rows

What animals have 9 letters?

9 letter animals that start with ccassowary.centipede.chameleon.chihuahua.chow chow.cockroach.crocodile.

What animals have 4 letters in their name?


What animals have six legs?

6 legsAnts and ant-like insects.Bees & wasps.Beetles.Cockroaches.Flies & mosquitoes.Moths & butterflies.Not one of these.Wetas, crickets, grasshoppers & similar.

What animals have 5 letters in their name?

Animal Pics 5 LettersGoose.Puppy.Zebra.Horse.Camel.Mouse.Sheep.Moose.More items…•

What animals starts with O?

Animal List A to ZOcelotFelis pardalisOryx, fringe-earedOryx gazella callotisOspreyPandon haliaetusOstrichStruthio camelusOtter, african clawlessAonyx capensis28 more rows

What animals have 6 letters in their name?

Lizard, insect, spider, donkey, monkey, aye-aye, pigeon, rabbit, sharky, wartho, bunnny, squirl, cormorant, beetle, hornet, falcon, iSnake, sskunk, goblin, bugalo, weasel, gibbon, Wildbo, Skitter, Grue, Miss Militia, Dragon, ocelot, bobcat, tomcat, bencat, minnow, Ginger, animal, Animal (from the Muppets), Muppet, …

What word takes 3 hours to say?

A word of warning… the “word” takes about 3.5 hours to say. The word is 189,819 letters long. It’s actually the name of a giant protein called Titin.

What animal has 8 letters in its name?

Animals – 8 lettersResultsInstant LookupAardvarkW O DAardwolfW O DAnteaterW O DAntelopeW O D103 more rows

What animals have 3 letters in their name?

Dog, cat, rat, hos, fly, pig, hog. bee, ant, ape, man, boy, ass, cow, ewe, sow, doe, yak, tit, hen, cob, pen, bat, eel, cod, jay, kit, kid, nit, pup, emu. That’s 31 to be getting on with, my cat was called Sid….Fox.Fly.Ant.Bee.Cod.Gar (kind of fish)Olm (cave salamander)Yak.More items…

What animals end with e?

Originally Answered: What is an animal whose name ends with the letter E? Coyote, chimpanzee, Manatee, Anemone, antelope, ape, crocodile, eagle, gazelle, giraffe, goose, hare, horse, mole, mongoose, moose, mouse, porcupine, porpoise, rattlesnake, tortoise, turtle, vole, vulture, whale.