Question: Who Found A Real Book *?

What is the moral of the story the fun they had?

Moral of the story “the fun they had ” The moral is that however smart a mechanical(or robotic)teacher is,but there is no other thing that could teach us as good as a human teacher..

What did Tommy and Margie mean by regular teacher?

A. Here, ‘regular’ refers to the mechanical teachers that Tommy and Margie had. According to author, centuries later this would be the norm. … The mechanical teacher is contrasted with the teacher of the earlier times, who was a human being.

Who found the real book?

Answer: Margie wrote in her diary, “Today Tommy found a real book”. Question 3: Had Margie ever seen a book before?

Who told Margie once about real books *?

TommyAnswer: Tommy told Margie about the real book. Answer: Tommy told Margie once about a real book.

What is a telebook?

Telebook. A book made available in text on a television screen. They turned the pages, which were yellow and crinkly… and then, when they turned back to the page before, it had the same words on it… “Gee,” said Tommy. “What a waste.

How does Margie feel about Tommy finding a real book?

Margie and Tommy were amazed by seeing the real book. … He called it waste when they read the book. The pages of book were crinckled and yellow.

What did Margie hate most about her school?

The part where Margie hated most was the slot where she had to put homework and test papers. She thought that the old schools must have been fun because the students used to sit in the classrooms.

Why are books called fake?

A Fake book is book that contains music sheets for songs. Usually they contain chords and melody, but sometimes lyrics as well. … They were called Fake Books, because the people that wrote and publish them didn’t have the royalties for the songs.

Where was the real book found?

Tommy found the real book on 17 may 2157 from the attic of his house..

Should I get a real book?

Real Books are a very useful tool when you first get into jazz and I would strongly recommend getting one when you are starting out, but bear in mind that you should be learning the songs and not relying on the book all the time – lots of people need to book open to be able to play a jazz song, which isn’t good.

Why did Margie hate school?

Answer: Margie hated school because it was not fun. She had a mechanical teacher who used to teach her every day at a fixed time in her house. She hated the part when she had to insert the homework and test papers in the slot on the mechanical teacher.

What is the difference between real book and telebook?

A real book is the book that we usually read. It is made of pages and the words are printed on them. On the other hand, a telebook is a book that could be read on screen. Words move on the screen for the students to read.

How old is Margie?

1 Answer. Margie is a little girl of eleven years and Tommy is thirteen-year-old.

Why the pages of the book were yellow?

the pages of the real book were yellow and crinkly because it was an old book which existed nearly a 100 years ago when the books were printed inspite of being saved and shown in the television screen that tommy and margie had.

How many real books are there?

Since the 1970s, musicians the world over have trusted these volumes to get them through the gig. The official series is now expanded to 71 titles, including eBook editions for tablets, coordinating audio backing tracks, vocal editions with lyrics, other musical styles, and more.

What was the real book that Tommy found?

Tommy found the book in the attic of their house. He and Margie found it peculiar as they were acquainted with e-books only and had never seen a real book. EXPLANATION: The short story ‘The Fun They Had’, is a story of the future by Isaac Asimov.

What songs are in the real book?

The Real Book – Volume 1African Flower (Petite Fleur Africaine)Afro Blue.Afternoon In Paris.Água De Beber (Water To Drink)Airegin.Alfie.Alice In Wonderland.All Blues.More items…