Quick Answer: Can We Transfer Money From Yono To Other Bank Account?

How can I transfer money from Neft to other bank?

How to do NEFT Using Online Banking?Log on to the bank’s official net bankingwebsite using user name and password.Select ‘Add’ option and enter the beneficiary name, beneficiary account number, address and inter bank transfer limit in the provided fields.More items….

Can Yono be used without internet banking?

Yes. It can be done through your ATM card details. Install YONO, go in ‘existing customer’, it will ask ‘do you have Internet banking’, click on ‘no’ then select login through ATM Card, feed the details whatever it will ask and then you will be able to use YONO without having Internet banking id.

What is maximum limit in Yono pay?

Rs. 10,000500 and the maximum is Rs. 10,000 per transaction and Rs. 20,000 per day when you withdraw money using an ATM kiosk. If you go to a branch to withdraw YONO cash, then the limit increases to Rs.

How do I transfer money from my Yono account to another bank account?

To transfer funds to a new beneficiary you can use “YONO Pay > Quick Transfer option”” or “”YONO Pay > Bank Account > Pay a new Beneficiary”. An amount upto Rs 10,000 can be instantaneously transferred to a new beneficiary.

How much can you transfer through Yono?

At a time the maximum withdrawal limit on YONO cash transactions has been set at Rs 10,000. As a YONO customer, you can make only two such transactions in a day. 3. This service to withdraw YONO cash can be used by a customer only on one device.