Quick Answer: Does Realme C3 Support Fast Charging?

Does Realme 3 Pro have Type C?

— Arguably the biggest USP of the Realme 3 Pro is that it comes with VOOC 3.0 fast charging support.

The phone also comes with a microUSB port rather than a Type-C port that may put off a lot of people, but the VOOC 3.0 support does make up for it..

Does Realme 3 Pro Hang?

Check the phone memory, if it is too full to cause hanging, delete some files/images that are not in use and uninstall the app that is too large or useless. 3. Use the phone in a strong internet signal environment. … Clear background Apps, clear caches regularly and limit the APP self-starting in phone manager.

Does Realme 5i support fast charging?

Yes, Realme 5i does support a fast charging.

How long does Realme c3 battery last?

Battery Life and Charging Time The Realme C3 has a massive 5,000mAh battery and usually lasts two days on a single charge with casual usage. It lasted 12 hours and 31 minutes in the PCMark Battery Life Test with its screen brightness set to 50% and airplane mode turned on.

Does Realme 3 Pro support 5g?

The company recently launched the Realme 3 Pro in India to take on the likes of Redmi Note 7 Pro. Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth has now confirmed that the company is working on 5G phones to bring very soon.

Is Realme c3 is a good phone?

The camera failed to impress on several fronts. … The colours were too soft, and since there are enough good camera phones in the price range of around Rs 10,000, it would be better to spend a little extra. Verdict. The Realme C3 is available for Rs 6,999 for the 3GB+32GB variant, and Rs 7,999 for the 4GB+64GB variant.

Is there fingerprint sensor in Realme c3?

Realme C3 specifications There is a fingerprint scanner on the back which, according to Realme, can unlock the phone in 0.27 seconds. … Talking about connectivity, the dual-SIM phone supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 5.0. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a Micro-USB port for charging.

Is Realme 3 Pro support fast charging?

The Realme 3 Pro is the first Realme phone to support VOOC 3.0 fast charging, which promises to charge the 4,045mAh battery in just 80 minutes. The company will ship a 20W fast charger with the box. The handset still comes with a micro-USB port.

Why is Realme 3 Pro the best?

If you’re looking for a smartphone that’s great for gaming for less than Rs. 20,000 then the Realme 3 Pro is a good place to start. You also get a good set of cameras, solid battery life, and a feature-packed OS, making it a good option to consider.

Is Realme 3 Pro waterproof?

The Realme 3 Pro recently made its debut in India and is also splash and dust proof.

Is Realme c3 good for photography?

Realme C3 camera samples As you’d expect, daylight photos look good, with adequate details and decent dynamic range. Unfortunately, the C3 doesn’t come with Realme’s awesome Nightscape mode for taking bright pictures in low light. Still, the night shots we took looked detailed enough out of the pocket.

Which phone is support 5g?

Summary List of Best Phone to support 5G in India in 2020Top Mobile Phones and PricesPricesXiaomi MI 10 5G49999Realme X50 Pro 5G47999OnePlus 8 Pro54999Vivo IQOO 3369902 more rows•5 days ago

Is vivo v15 Pro support 5g?

“We are bracing ourselves for the 5G revolution, which should come in by 2020. W would like to launch a lot of 5G products in India,” Maurya said. … The Vivo V15 Pro, which Maurya said will be made in India, is the company’s second phone after the Vivo Nex to come with a pop-up front camera.

Does 4g support 5g phones?

The 4G network is not going away, but in order to use the 5G technology, you definitely need to buy a new phone. Your 4G phone will work just fine and in the way you are used to, but if you want to take advantage of new technologies and 5G speeds, you need a new phone.

Does Realme 1 supports fast charging?

All in all, if you wonder if the Realme 1 supports fast charging, the answer is No. Hence, if we put the phone side by side with other phones in terms of charging time, it will fall far behind. However, if fast charging is somewhat important to you, and Realme 1 fast charging is not an option.