Quick Answer: How Old Is Bonjovi?

Is Jon Bon Jovi a grandfather?

And what about his grandfather.

His grandfather was a mortician, he owned Bongiovi funeral home in Raritan, New Jersey.

Who might he be related to.

Jon Bon Jovi has often stated that he is a blood relative of singer Frank Sinatra..

Where does Bon Jovi live?

Located on 15 acres in Middleton, NJ, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Navesink River, an hour outside New York City, High Point Estate boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, all in an 18,000-square-foot French-inspired château. So how much is it worth? Bon Jovi has decided to leave that number a mystery.

What year did Bon Jovi get married?

April 29, 1989 (Dorothea Hurley)Jon Bon Jovi/Wedding dates

Does Bonjovi have kids?

Stephanie Rose BongioviDaughterJacob Hurley BongioviSonJesse BongioviSonRomeo Jon BongioviJon Bon Jovi/Children

How old is Bonjovi 58?

Jon Bon Jovi Real Name, Birthday, WikiReal Name:John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.Birthday:March 2, 1962Age:58 Years OldPlace of Birth:Perth Amboy, New Jersey, United StatesZodiac Sign:Pisces6 more rows

Who is Jon Bon Jovi wife?

Dorothea Hurleym. 1989Jon Bon Jovi/WifePersonal Life. Jon married Dorothea Hurley, a karate instructor, in 1989. They have four children, Stephanie, Jesse, Jacob and Romeo Jon.

How old was Bon Jovi when he died?

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi has denied online reports that claimed he had died. The 49-year-old singer and actor posted a picture of himself on Monday (19 December) holding a message making light of the reports.

Where did Jon Bon Jovi get married?

Graceland Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas, Nevada, United StatesJon Bon Jovi/Marriage locations

Why did Richie Sambora leave Bon Jovi?

In previous interviews, Sambora said his decision to leave the band was due to the grueling schedule of road life, and that he needed a change. Bon Jovi said there are no hard feelings, because “being in a rock band is not a life sentence.” “You have other things in your life that you care to do.

Who was Bon Jovi’s first wife?

Dorothea HurleyDuring a stop in Los Angeles on The New Jersey Syndicate Tour in 1989, Bon Jovi secretly took a trip to Las Vegas, and married his high school sweetheart, Dorothea Hurley (born September 29, 1962), on April 29 at the Graceland Wedding Chapel.

What is Bon Jovi worth?

How much is Jon Bon Jovi Worth? Jon Bon Jovi net worth: Jon Bon Jovi is an American rock star, singer, songwriter, record producer, musician, actor, and philanthropist who has a net worth of $410 million.

What is Bon Jovi real name?

John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.Jon Bon Jovi/Full name

How tall is Bonjovi?

1.75 mJon Bon Jovi/Height

How did Bon Jovi start?

Jon Bon Jovi began performing music live in 1975, at the age of 13, playing piano and guitar with his first band, Raze. At 16, Jon met David Bryan and formed a band called Atlantic City Expressway.

What nationality is Jon Bon Jovi?

AmericanJon Bon Jovi/Nationality

What band was Jon Bon Jovi in?

Bon Jovi1983 – 1983Southside Johnny & The Asbury JukesAtlantic City ExpresswayHelping HaitiJon Bon Jovi/Music groups

How long has Bon Jovi been married?

Jon Bon Jovi and wife reveal why their 27-year marriage works.