Quick Answer: Is Pretty Little Liars Scary?

Is Pretty Little Liars worth watching?

It’s a bit slow going at times but the story line and the characters acting make up for it.

Conclusion is yes, it is worth it to watch the show.

So enjoy watching !.

Who is in Alison’s grave?

Bethany Young was a 17 year old Radley Sanitarium patient who wandered onto the DiLaurentis property on the night of Alison DiLaurentis’ attempted murder. Bethany was hit over the head with a shovel and was then buried alive by Melissa Hastings, who believed she was a deceased Alison, which resulted in her death.

Why did Melissa kill Aria?

Melissa reveals that she really was the Queen of Hearts. She says she wasn’t helping Wilden but they showed up in the same costume. She says the Wilden attacked Spencer, meaning she drugged Aria and says that she didn’t know about hurting Spencer until she was on the train.

WHO IS A after CeCe?

Unlike CeCe, who was introduced (under auspicious circumstances) in Season 3, A.D. turned out to be someone fans had never met — at least, not officially — until the series finale. A.D. stands for Alex Drake, CeCe’s half sister and the identical twin of … Spencer Hastings.

Which is better Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars?

Gossip girl had a more solid story line and knew where they were going with their story telling. Pretty little liars, after season 3 is pretty much like they just said “wing it” the PLL fan theories were actually more interesting than the show tbh.

What is the scariest episode of Pretty Little Liars?

The 10 Scariest Episodes Of Pretty Little Liars! of 10. Pilot (Season 1 Episode 1) … of 10. For Whom The Bell Tolls (Season 1 Episode 22) … of 10. Never Letting Go (Season 2 Episode 6) … of 10. Over My Dead Body (Season 2 Episode 12) … of 10. If These Dolls Could Talk (Season 2 Episode 24) … of 10. … of 10. … of 10.More items…•

What is the age rating for Pretty Little Liars?

#6 Pretty Little Liars In saying that, it’s rated age 14+ with most parental reviews citing it’s ok for age 13+. Be warned, the suspense and drama are compelling!

What should a 13 year old watch on Netflix?

The Best Teen TV Shows on NetflixAmerican Vandal (2017-2018) … Anne With an “E” (2017-2019) … Atypical (2017- ) … Big Mouth (2017- ) … Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018- ) … Daybreak (2019) … Degrassi: Next Class (2016- ) … Derry Girls (2018- )More items…•

How old was aria when she slept with Ezra?

Aria is now 18 but was 16 when she met Ezra and 17 when they slept together. This is illegal because the age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16 but only covers up to 4 years; Ezra is 25 now so they have a 6/7 year age difference.

Who killed Jenna PLL?

Jenna has almost been murdered twice: once in Season 2 by being lured to and locked in a burning house and again in Season 4, after being knocked unconscious and left in a lake to drown by Charlotte DiLaurentis.

Is Pretty Little Liars a true story?

Like many great TV shows, Pretty Little Liars was actually a book first. The thriller was loosely based on a 16-book series of the same name written by Sara Shepard. When the show first gained traction, Shepard sat down for a series of interviews and revealed that her books were inspired by a real-life event.

Can a 13 year old watch Vampire Diaries?

Move over Twilight, The Vampire Diaries is a teenage girl’s dream. … It’s not ideal viewing for the younger teenage audience. As long as they know their fiction from their fact, this should be ok for older teens. Just make sure they don’t start drinking each other’s blood.

Is Riverdale suitable for 13 year olds?

Parent reviewers on Common Sense Media agree that the show is ideal for kids aged 13 and up, and there’s a decent chance that you’ll become as addicted to the series as your teenager! … Riverdale touches on mental health topics in a way that you may want to explore in more depth with your child.

Is breaking bad appropriate for a 13 year old?

There is very little sexual content however, Breaking Bad is not suitable for children. She should wait a few years.

Is Riverdale appropriate for 11 year old?

7 Things to Know Before Your Teen Watches Riverdale. … Parent reviewers on Common Sense Media agree that the show is ideal for kids aged 13 and up, and there’s a decent chance that you’ll become as addicted to the series as your teenager!

How old are the liars in Season 1?

Set one year after the disappearance of Alison (series star SASHA PIETERSE), the manipulative and vindictive queen bee of their group, the series revolves around four 16-year-old girlfriends Aria (series star LUCY HALE), Spencer (series star TROIAN BELLISARIO), Hanna (series star ASHLEY BENSON), and Emily (series star …

Is Pretty Little Liars appropriate for 12 year olds?

The best book (series) ever. You DEFINITELY won’t be disappointed. … I think this book (and the rest of the series) is pretty age appropriate for ages 12 and up. There is nothing that would be new to a 12 year old reading this and there would be no surprises.

Who Killed Mona?

Mike thinks A double-crossed Mona and killed her. In Welcome to the Dollhouse, it is revealed that Mona was never murdered and is being held captive in A’s dollhouse. The attacker never tried to kill her, they were trying to drug her and take her to the dollhouse.